Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Is Getting A Divorce! | TMZ TV

Holy moly this is gonna be expensive.


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    • alejandro magana he created Amazon to help her sell books. If he hadn’t met her, no Amazon.

    • Hana J lies. he told his wife he was going to quit his job and make amazon, it was not her idea in anyway nor did she influence him.
      He made the decision by drawing up a list of possible products that he could sell via the Internet, including CDs, software, and hardware. In the end, books were the obvious choice because of the wide range of titles in existence. every biography on the net says this

    • alejandro magana A woman and man should get married and stay together if they are mature enough. Peace💯

    • No, this is why you don’t get marry to a western *liberal feminist* anymore. Marry a nice Christian Polish girl. A nice Russian catholic girl. A nice Christian filipina. A conservative woman for sure. Who are not insane liberal feminist. Who understand that marriage is not just a way to suck you dry, and will give you some respect, even if the marriage fails.

  1. gentlemen get married outside the United States keep her abroad away from the 40 year-old hit the wall feminist

    • Skendër Lulaj Yeah I’m sure it is every woman’s dream to be left after 25 years of marriage for another woman. And 4 children. What is she just supposed to be thrown out into the street with nothing? Mackenzie deserves half! It was *his* choice to date someone else. He’s going to find out the grass isn’t really greener, but the hard way.

    • This was clearly preplanned and politically motivated. With the wealth divided between the two, Bezos is no longer officially the richest man…I think this was just to alleviate the spotlight off of him & his wealth. Now he drops to 4th richest person. I mean if he can divide his headquarters in three, why won’t he do the same to his net worth? His kids still inherit the same total wealth intact the same way they would have anyways.

  2. Rich men should ALWAYS do prenup (prenuptial agreement) before marriage to filter out gold diggers❗️

    • Correction: If you’re going to be the breadwinner as a man (which is the case 99% of the time) then don’t do what Jeff did.

    • +Skendër Lulaj being married isn’t simp, having kids and spreading parasites of the earth is simp my guy

    • The thing is he is a liberal. And she is a liberal feminist. And they married 20-25 years ago before Amazon and he hit it big. He was just starting out. So he was not even thinking of a prenup, and he was a beta looking soy-boy back then(was not doing all the steroids and human-growth-hormones) so I am sure he was happy that a semi okay looking woman would even kiss him. His mistake is that he did not divorce her immetiately afte Amazon took off. Or his main mistake really, he married a liberal feminist.

    • Jesus Perez yeah I agree he was geeky unkissable boy, still why would any man marry a feminist! Ugh It’s making me puke 🤢 🤮

    • genaro juarez genaro juarez It is ok and is better for older man to date a younger woman. Woman’s biological clocks shut down faster if the man and woman are both healthy.

      Most of the time the mother nowadays sabotage the organic relationship between father and children turn the children on the father then fraudulently call him a deadbeat dad. Peace.

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