Harvey Levin Tells A Story About O.J. Simpson He’s Kept to Himself For 20 Years | TMZ

Harvey Levin — who reported the O.J. Simpson murder case for the CBS affiliate in L.A. — tells a story he's kept to himself for 20 years … how he saw O.J. return to the scene of the crime a month after being found not guilty. Harvey says by chance he was there, which triggered another O.J. car chase.

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Harvey Levin Tells A Story About O.J. Simpson He's Kept to Himself For 20 Years | TMZ



    • fidorover +Ummmm I’m convinced this is bullshit, and not just because Harvey is known as a 1 of Hollywood bullshit ers.. I’d also say Harvey probably saw a limo that night near Nicole’s place, but you can tell he is lying about seeing it again atOJ’S HOUSE, but for some reason only seei shadows , just like limo driver only saw shadows wheen testifying during case..BIGGEST GIVE AWAY OF PROOF HARVEY IS BSING IS FACT NOBODY ON OJ’S STAFF AFTER MURDERS HAS COME OUT AND MADE MONEY OFF THESE TYPES OF SUSPICIOUS THINGS OJ MADE Them do..even if there was an NDA OJ MAKES DRIVERS sign(not likely).. there’s statues of limitations and other ways around those things in this case.. if stormy can get around NDA, ANYONE CAN.

  1. note to self, never drive away from Harvey Levin, cuz he’ll chase you XD

  2. Everybody knows OJ killed Ron and Nichole. He got off because the jury was mostly black. There could have been video of him killing those two and it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. The jury loved them some OJ.

    • First time DNA was used in any trial. “DNA DOESN’T LIE”…EVER!!! Jury found oj (not worthy of capital letters) not guilty…as pay back for Rodney King…plain & simple. Justice DENIED!!!

    • Chris Darden bought reasonable doubt into the case when he made the bonehead decision to have OJ try on the glove. Once Mark Fuhrman was exposed as a racist liar, that really helped OJ.

    • Holy Mackeral Sunshine..you trying to tell me the OJ wasn’t set -up by the White man who we know uses the N word

    • This really wouldn’t have been all that helpful… I mean this was a month after he was found Not Guilty and this little clue/hunch/proof what ever you think it is would not get the court system to commit double jeopardy which if you don’t know goes against the constitution. 

    • Even if this was before the murder, the prosecution couldn’t have used it effectively.

    • OJ?  Actually, OJ’S DAD turned out to be a homosexual and left the marriage for his boyfriend.  OJ NEVER got over that and became a womanizer to combat his feelings and get back at dad.

    • Like a shrink said, OJ was abandoned several times by dad, first by divorce, then by coming out and not being there for his family.  oj REALLY had abandonment issues after that, and NIC leaving him got him VERY angry, especially when she did it TWICE, and the 2nd time ruined his relationship with PAULA BARBIERI and publicly humiliated him!

  3. LMAO, why were people always seeing “shadows” of O.J. at his former home? This MF must’ve had a ghost infestation!

    • Christopher Rourke It means that OJ or at least someone close enough to OJ to have access to his house at Rockingham was at the crime scene and desperate to ditch Harvey’s car. Call it another piece of the puzzle.

    • What Harvey saw in the alley wouldn’t prove anything other than OJ being on the loose and lock your doors.

    • Actually it would. A large percentage of psychopaths go back to the place of the crime..they get off on it. Oj being the narcissistic psycho he is..he def went back and I’d bet he went back more than once or twice. Just would of been a another nail in ojs coffin could they have proved he had been caught there reminiscing in his and his son’s handy work

    • @Christopher Rourke, if you are found murdered in an alley, it will be the lose of nothing. Have you been stalking Harvey Levin again?

    • +Jenni if OJ is a narcissistic psycho, why does he maintain a close relationship with all of his children, even to this day?

  4. I find Harvey guilty!  100% guilty of  taking an exceptionally boring anecdote and making it ten times more boring by his seemingly endless, long winded waffle.Hopefully the LA cops will be on to him for sundry traffic offences.  Hmmmm, maybe not, he’d get off.

    • so if harvey was there he knows exactly what the truth is. its not necessary that if the tv station owner believes oj killed them you dont have to agree if you dont

    • Boring?…you don’t find the story of OJ being at the scene & then out running a car, just a tad suspicious? Really . What a great detective you’d be.

  5. I believe the part of the story where Harvey follows the limo to OJ’s house… I don’t believe the beginning of his story where he was eating dinner w/ “people” who wanted to see Nicole Brown’s condo. You know damn well Harvey was by himself at Nicole’s condo staking out the place for a scoop

    • I worked for Harvey as one of two secretaries at the Whittier College School of Law in Los Angeles in the early 1980s, and he was not the type to lie or one to try to impress anybody. He was very straight forward and hard working, and really smart. I believe Harvey had this experience because there were plenty of people who wanted to see the house where the murders occurred, as if it were a tourist attraction.

  6. I don’t get why ppl don’t believe this story. Same ones who think O.J. is innocent probably. He’s obviously guilty AF.

  7. Dr. Bennet Omalu says O.J. Simpson “was exposed to thousands of blunt force trauma of his brain” during his NFL and college playing career and “is more likely than not to suffer from CTE. Many other PHDs believe he has it. If you just listen to him talk today his brain is mush. Even his closest friends talked about his behavoir getting more erratic towards the end of his NFL career. So yes he did it. And yes when he dies we’re gonna discover CTE in his brain tissue. Which will open up pandoras box in the NFL as they keep trying to suppress it. But mark my words, OJs death is gonna spark a REAL debate about CTE on a level we’ve never seen before and the NFL isn’t gonna like it.

    • And his mom said that he was already full of rages that she couldn’t stop as a kid, so the NFL thing would have REALLY made him more wack, with the whacks to the head!

    • Even it CTE is found,the man has served his time. Get over it already! Nicole and Ron were doing the most disrespectful things in this mans home,in public on OJs money…I can see how any man would lose it and commit murder or want to! Even you man.

  8. So by oj goin back to the scene he is guilty ???? Stop it!….im convince oj knows who kill nicole but he aint guilty…i think his son did it by a documentary that i saw …

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