Amber Portwood Allegedly Went After Her Boyfriend With a Machete | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Amber Portwood went after her boyfriend with a machete … The machete didn't hit him but Amber allegedly found another way to inflict injury … by striking him with a shoe while he was holding their one-year-old son, James. Also Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, Julie Ertz and the rest of the women's Team USA soccer are on floats and enjoying their World Cup victory parade in NYC … and it's LIT!!!


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  1. If you come after me with a machete, you better get the job done lmao, cause if you don’t you gonna be hanging out with Elvis 😂💯💯💯

  2. What happens when you reward a teenager for making irresponsible choices? They grow up to be IDIOTS! Farrah! Janelle! Amber! I rest my case

    • You got it partly right…more so this is what happens when you decide you are going to just not take your prescribed psyche meds. Bottom line.MTV doesn’t help giving her a pay check that cushions the consequences she SHOULD have like the rest of domestic abusers.

  3. Poor Leah to have a mother like this. So glad that she has a Gary and his new partner. It looks like Amber never change…

    • PurpleLilyLights in case you didn’t know, that is Gary’s wife. They are married. Poor Leah, what an embarrassment her Mom is to her. Very sad for both children.

  4. Who’s surprised? The girl is highly unstable😱 Why do men have children with such maniacs?!

    • She puts out something serious. All crazy chicks do. Can probably suck the chrome off a chevy

    • Because these maniacs are on tv and loaded and have had years of experience with manipulating weak men to stay with them and do everything for them so they can continue to act like entitled princesses.

    • She downed a hand full of Colotipin without water. That chick probably sucks white off rice

  5. Her Xanax prescription ran out way faster than she intended, thus creating this fiasco. Allegedly.

    • That means she was abusing them . She was high on said xanex at the time or in withdrawal.

    • She wasn’t taking her medication on the recent Teen Mom episode because she wanted to be able to drink

    • Dajana Glapski convicted felons are not allowed to have knife also especially a machete. Unless it’s like in a box for work.

    • actually, I have one but I’ll be damned if I remember where and when I got it lol

    • Karen Welch snitching goes without saying. but possession is 9/10 of the law. Could say you were using it for work landscaping or work in your backyard.

    • @stephanie Brattin After that 15 year old baby Juniors murder with a machete in New York. If I were you. Id find another object to protect you. Like a baseball bat. Police aren’t taking machetes lightly. Just saying

  6. Gosh.. she had the chance to have a real relationship and family and here she goes..Well done

    • Having a real family and peaceful life isnt interesting enough for her she lives to be in the middle of drama

  7. She has mental illnesses. She also has been messing with her meds and seems like getting addicted to stuff again. So sad.

  8. I am suprised it took this long for an outburst! Seriously! Typical Amber! Run Andrew!!!

  9. Meanwhile, her and Janelle are arguing about how they’ve both grown up and matured LOL

    • Janelle has confessed she lied about David killing the dog. Yep, for publicity.

    • @Karen Welch I read that they couldn’t find any evidence of the dog being killed on the property. They investigated, but found nothing. Janelle confessed she lied about it. Not a word of where nugget actually is. Creepy ASF.. but this is why the got the kids back. Maybe David strangled the dog, because they found no evidence of blood anywhere.

    • @Monday Morning The whole thing is crazy, isn’t it. I’ve never seen 2 people get away with so much sh*t. Filing a false police report. Now I really wonder what happened to Jax that David bragged about shooting with a pellet gun.

    • @Karen Welch Right?! Janelle has really made horrible decisions. David is just nuts.. I truly worry about those kid’s. I really don’t understand how they got those kids back so quick? Could it be true Janelle lied about him killing nugget?? Are they on drugs? And now Amber with a machete?!! 🙏🙏😉

  10. So ALL I had to do is get knocked up at 11, married at 12, divorced at 13, drugs at 14, jailed at 15 and repeat…and I’d be famous!! SIGN ME UP MTV!!

    • @modam70 lol no I’m 28 with no kids and a bachelor’s degree 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • LMFAO you say that like its relevant! And yet, here you are with the rest of us using your “College Degree” to defend comments on umm…Youtube about Teen Losers from MTV….Money well spent won’t cha say!

  11. Why are these people celebrities? This is what’s wrong with the world. We glorify people who are irresponsible and choose the tough path in life instead of the people who are actually accomplishing and doing things to help others. Just tragic

    • It’s the Trainwreck of lives MTV cashs in on.Just the fact they don’t need to work for 10yrs gives them too much time on their hands.Its a bad formula but we still watch the show.

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