NFL’s Star Fights Cop AFTER Being Tased! | TMZ TV

A police officer in Lathrup Village, Michigan pulled over 23-year Malik McDowell — a 6'6", 300 pound defensive tackle — on a snowy February night after he witnessed McDowell's Jeep spinning out on the road after speeding.


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  1. Glad that cop didn’t panic and go for his gun as soon as he lost the taser like other rookies in the past

    • He lucked out any other white cop would have went for his weapon out of fear . He handled that pretty well considering oh boy could have knocked him out cold turkey

    • SpaceGhost Demon Only reason he didn’t was because the stores surveillance. Trust me !

    • As soon as Malik went for the females firearm they had every right to use deadly physical force on him.

    • @RyanMiller3039 Yeah that was foolish. I can see the stun gun being reaction but not the gun.

  2. They both need supervisors from what I can tell..They’re extremely clumsy and who has to clean all that up?..Some poor bastard that gets $10 an hr😩

  3. I would have been awesome if he would have handcuffed the little cop and they would have been waiting on his supervisor

    • Mikemike Jt would been awesome if they shot him in the leg and the supervisor asked why did u attack to the cop lol

  4. That was actually a good cop No CAP 🤨 he didn’t even up his strap even wen bro start grabbing him …. salute to da cop need more like him in da u.s.

    • Its crazy how you Americans think its special that a cop don’t shoot someone. In Europe the cop wouldnt have shot him neither not ever

    • @Kane B bro you right come to think about it like that, but that was weird for a moment looking at it in your perspective

    • @John Finally i fell bad that there are people in America that have to fear police

  5. *when he stood up he made the cop look like one of Peter Pan’s lost boys😃🤣😂*

  6. Alright, alright…let’s go see that supervisor you wanted to see. I’ll drive! Lmao

  7. Glad the cop didn’t shoot him but this looked like two drunk cousins scrambling around on the floor😂😂😂

  8. He didn’t fight the cop AFTER being tazed, he was fighting from the start. And there’s also no such thing as a routine traffic stop.

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