Anthony Bourdain — My Last Meal Would Be … | TMZ

Anthony Bourdain has probably eaten every single food on the planet, but he actually was able to choose the one thing he would want for his last meal … and it's really pretty simple.

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Anthony Bourdain — My Last Meal Would Be … | TMZ


  1. The interviewer is ignorant about different cultures. Surprised about how clean Tokyo is? Japan trumps US in discipline, cleanliness and respect for others BIG TIME!

    • music Most people named “music” are incredibly racist and generalize a lot.

    • All those dumb white Americas like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, ect. I could go on with thousands of names. Being “white American” does not make you automatically dumb. White Americans have engineered some of the biggest advancements in the world. All races have, there are ignorant people in EVERY RACE. This guys was excited to meet him, probably NOT well travelled and was going off the cuff with questions and responses. Your comment makes you sound like one of the “ignorant” people you are referring to.

    • Are you saying it like that because you know you can’t get in trouble for being racist,generalizing white people? How many people have you met irl? Most of what i see on tv about koreans has to do with north korea and kim jung, should I assume they’re all facists loving sheep? I don’t.

      As you got older(in the last decade) everyone thinks badly of “white americans” because that’s what they show. Just like they think gun violence is rampant when its declined rapidly. Your views are shaped by people who are trying to shape your views.

      Btw you are right to a degree, most white americans are ignorant, as well as the black,brown,red and yellow ones. From my experience the majority of humans are ignorant,especially on media. In real life with real people things aren’t so tense usually,the race war bs is mostly just the media

    • Wisdom is painful. Imagine being of sound mind and good heart,being open minded and intelligent…then imagine living in a world ruled by nasty,ignorant,selfish,hateful people that say things like you just said all the time

  2. now THATS how you handle a paparazzi bombardment. pure class. so endearing.

    • lol that’s not paparazzi son. Paparazzi is getting in your damn face with 60 shots per minute of camera flicking and asking you pure tard questions like “does your daughter miss you while you’re on the road….do you know who your ex wife is sleeping with?”

    • Yeah the way he was speaking sounded neurotic. Funny you posted that, I was expecting something to happen by the way he spoke.

    • I think he was just trying to squeeze in as many questions as possible, in a short time, in order not to hold Tony for too long.

    • (((Bourdain))) was a serial child molester who raped children in accordance with (((Talmudic doctrine)))

    • Japanese are the most discipline people in the world. Their mentality rest on the foundation of ‘do not give trouble to other people’. Thus Japanese always do their best in all aspect.

    • Yeah, the interviewer is clueless about Japanese culture. Dice Clay would have said, “Cleaner than your sister is.”

    • the guy works for tmz what do u expect? don’t compare him to the average American. The average American isn’t like that at all. i hope in the past year and some change u have become more mindful of those around you rather than being so negative.

    • Agiles lol To be fair, they arent used to actually talking to people, they are more used to the celebrity running from them and them yelling stupid questions trying to get a reaction. When Anthony started talking this guy was prob like “oh fk, what do I do now, Ive never gotten this far”

    • Rex albana …All the dude is asking is if it’s clean…. as in BIG CITIES ARE DIRTY. (I’m from L.A. & I know) HELLLLO ! ? Even STEVIE WONDER💖 CAN SEE THAT ! Obviously some prefer a stance of quick- fast judmentalism rather than patient understanding within the English language

    • Rex Albana if u r talking about Korea, Japan, China(most part) and Singapore then yes it’s clean af, but the other Asian Countries are just not that clean.

    • More ignorant than shooting heroin, being a drunk and hanging yourself in a hotel room?

  3. Oh dear God …I already miss you Tony…😪😪😪
    I wish this didn’t happen to you..anybody but you dear dear Tony….rip funny sweet man..❤🙏

  4. Rip Mr. Bourdain. You were such an amazing storyteller. Anthony gave a very humble and sincere value to all the amazing food and cultures around the world. You will be missed sir!

  5. That’s why Tony was so awesome… he could have embarassed him about his Tokyo being clean comment, but he didn’t. He wasnt rude, he wasnt mean, he just gracefully let him know that Tokyo is actually a wonderful, incredible, and life changing city for those who havent been there.

    Anthony Bourdain, you will be seriously missed

    • Exactly what I thought Daniel, he must have thought “did he really just ask that??” but he let it go and carried on…..a class act (having been to Tokyo he was right, it is amazing….and clean!)

    • Yeah, imagine if Maxine Waters or Gloria Allred were asked that question. They’d still be bitching him out.

    • WHY ARE YOU SO QUICK TO JUMP TO FALSE CONCLUSIONS AND OVERGENERALIZE? it’s like you are “obsessed” with creating fallacies. +omg hey there

  6. Pretty tasteless for YouTube to be putting this vid in recommended now because of what’s happened.

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