DJ Quik vs. YG — Feuding Over Hit Song “My Hitta” | TMZ

DJ Quik has lawyered up against YG, Stampede Entertainment and Def Jam over what he's saying is his rightful claim to credit on YG's massive hit song, "My Hitta."

DJ Quik tells TMZ he was instrumental in creating the track, but was omitted from the credits and hasn't seen a dime. The West Coast rap legend went on a Twitter rant Sunday calling out YG and his management team.

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DJ Quik vs. YG — Feuding Over Hit Song "My Hitta" | TMZ


    • Dre day How are you gonna call someone you don’t even know shady there’s barley any videos of him (a day in the life) of him to determine that wow dome people do jump on a side based off legacy it’s kind of weird he waited three years

    • I hope trump puts the smackdown on all you niggas who are you defending YG? because it’s DJ Quik over YG all day in the streets when it comes to giving back all over the board quick. got Him beat

    • +Rod Hood he was not Suge Knights hitman. Who told you this, and where’s your proof? Quik may have been violent, and was known for being a live wire, but he was always a music dude first. He was mostly in the studio during that time anyways. Suge Knight already had his own personal hitman squad, MOB, and various LAPD on payroll to carry out his dirty work if he needed. And as far as the MOB goes, all are dead with the exception of one in jail. I know a few old heads from back in the day, and while they can surely attest to Quiks street rep, that was one thing they’ve never said.

    • That’s like asking why do they keep someone in jail for 5 years after they’ve already been convicted to a federal state pen. Things in music take time especially things like royalties which YG is probably barely starting to see the big money come in on that hit record & maybe quik gave the man every opportunity to pay him but he’s just ducking him….hard to judge something like this when you don’t know both sides of the story. #100

    • Jailan Simon it takes time to get paid one reason Suge Knight busted up in Universal. They stall much as they can. Plus Quik was probably told it’s coming but never arrived. DJ mustard steals Daz Dillengers beats as well. They just speed up the beat Ambitionz az a Ridah was the beat Mustard took. Daz sueing them too

    • Jailan Simon Dj Quik can play instruments, make beats, engineer and produce. Dre is best producer hands down put all Quik does together to make it perfect but Quik knows how to work it all. Together they are the best of the best. Deathrow had so many talented producers in the 90s.

  1. It’s totally disrespectful to treat someone who has laid the foundation of west coast Hip Hop down for you and DJ Mustard and a whole lot of rappers in and out of LA, to treat DJ Quik this way. Give him his props and or credit or money whatever he deserves, I now know why some people dislike this dude. Quik ain’t banging no more so he will go through court to get his money. First Blood on wax DJ Quik vs. new Blood on wax YG.

    • Pumpkin Head BUT, Quik got paid for it. Suge paid Quik off the respect aspect of they both bloods from Compton

  2. Quick should of never worked with YG….QUik is OG…Just for Quik to mention YG puts YG on another level..leave YG to his generation,well keep Quik,,,,

    • Respek Myname You stupid muthafucker, being from the same gang doesn’t mean a goddamn thing. Business is business, never personal.

  3. YG got a buzz but he not even a good rapper.. it’s all.blood hype… cause they popular… Quik Built them Bricks Young Boy Standing On… L.A. Shyt be Like this though….Has Been for a Long Time… since the Macola Dayz… Yall.youngstas don’t know Shyt…

    • Michael Baker that’s how I know you don’t actually listen to his music and go off others opinions and is stuck in the 90s era music Still Brazy is the best album out this year A great album

    • Had this been like 5 years ago, I would agree that YG wasn’t a good rapper. But his latest album showed a night and day improvement and was actually one of the best hip-hop albums to come out this year imo. It had those classic west coast beats, but it still sounded fresh and didn’t sound dated and YG actually stepped his bars up. However, I still think he should respect DJ Quik considering he probably wouldn’t be here without him.


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