Ariana Grande Headlining Coachella Is A Nod To Female Empowerment | TMZ TV

Ariana Grande is a hard left turn for Coachella, but it's a turn that was made consciously and involves women, empowerment, and perseverance in the face of adversity.


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    • Sam Geee that’s got nothing to do with men and women though that’s a woman sole issue same way impotence is a problem for men but we don’t demand viagra is free

    • Zach Thompson it’s a dumb question to ask because you know the answer. You can’t possibly think that’s the sole measure of equality. What’s written in the law? that’s it? I mean don’t get me wrong, huge fucking deal and shout out to our predecessors who fought for those rights, but that’s nit the conversation we are having this day and age regarding feminism. Don’t play dumb.

    • Women don’t register for draft, and arnt required to fight in war. 80% of incarcerations are men. 1 gender doesn’t have to lose for the other to succeed.

  1. Its okay for cochella but pop/solo artists shouldnt headline glastonbury, ruins it when people like adele headline it. Glastonbury is for bands.

  2. Lol, this was a good troll tmz. 10 yr old Arianna grande fans gonna be heated for this one.

  3. Nah, just nah

    Coachella is just making money of the young kids who like the festival hype

    Cochella isn’t about music, it’s about money

  4. *Hope Someone Throws A Bottle At Her Head Just Like What Happen To Justin Bieber Yrs Ago.*

  5. Uh hate to break it to you tmz but I’m no teeny bopper (i’m 27)and a a fan of her music. Think outside the box🙄

  6. I don’t see why Ariana gots of hate for ending MAC Miller’s life, it’s wasn’t her fault at all. I don’t mind her headlining Coachella, it’s a great marketing decision and she draws in massive amounts of fans.

  7. “Shes struggled! Shes had such a tough year!”…

    SHE BROKE UP WITH A BOYFRIEND! A person she dated OD’ed…. Sounds like a normal persons average WEDNESDAY!

    She looks like a prepubescent child, wears lingerie and cat ears out in public and exclusively dates tattoo covered losers. Whats empowering about her again? Shes a walking talking example of “how to be a hoochie mama”

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