Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney Has Words for Kevin Hart, Ellen and Gay Rights | TMZ

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney has strong opinions on Kevin Hart, Ellen DeGeneres, gay rights and forgiveness .


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  1. So we all have to be pro gay now in order to be ok with everyone else? Really? Well, wow…

    • +ᴇᴅʏ ᴀɴɴ No, I don’t think you have to be pro-gay necessarily, but if you’re going to go out of your way to be anti-gay and dislike people because of their sexuality, then you can expect people to be against your opinion and similarly dislike you for your anti-gay actions, whether it be physical or just demeaning or criticizing others that are not affecting you. Tolerance is the key in that if you see others doing something you don’t agree with, but they’re causing no harm to you or others, then let it be. You can go ahead and think it’s disgusting as it is something you don’t experience or understand, just like others might find something about you to be unappealing, but if we can all practice some tolerant behavior then there’s no need to injure someone else’s self-esteem and let them know we find them unappealing.

      Because the words were used later on in this thread I wanted to also share my perspective on the matter for those that may need it. Being gay is natural by definition because it occurs in humans and many other species without outside influence. It is normal for a minority of a population to engage in same sex relations, and it is not considered mentally ill by professional researchers in the psych fields for reasons that can be found on the internet. Again, you’re allowed your opinion on it, but if we’re going to debate it then those are my starting points.

      Lastly, it is extreme to say that no comparison or similarities between the struggles of race and sexuality exist. I agree that the situations are not the same such as the ability to closet oneself, and I would never want to diminish the pain experienced by any races struggle by equating them to different struggle. However, I do think we can compare and draw some similarities in the underlying cause of why races, sexualities, sexes, and creeds have faced such struggles. We can find similarities in that people that hate groups of people are motivated by prejudice, and they use that prejudice in very similar ways to acost people they see as different. That doesn’t equate the LGBT struggle to the struggle of Black people, Jews, women, Latinos, etc. , but it does allow us to examine the mentality of hate and prejudice, and, more importantly, to reach out to another different human being and say, “I feel for what you’re going through because I’ve seen and experienced that kind of hate myself, and I want you to know it’s going to be alright.” In many ways I was born lucky to experience privilege as a white male and so I’ll never truly know what it’s like to be Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, female, etc. but as a heterosexual you’ll also never know what it’s like to be homosexual, bisexual, Asexual, Transgender, etc. We can only try to use tools like empathy, sympathy, compassion, and tolerance to coexist and help our fellow human beings live their best life.

      Have a good night everyone.

    • +Anthony Simmons
      Stop with the bullshit already!!
      LGBT people are still being killed here in this country, in Muslim countries, African countries and among others..
      I fell in love with a woman, couldn’t do anything about it, I thought it was infatuation/ lust so I told my aunts about it and they took me to church, they prayed for me, I fasted 6days in a week and broke the fast with banana shake, I was only asked to drink water through out. It wasn’t working, then I dropped out of school for about a year, so that the pastors would work on me full time. I nearly died. I was gang raped almost every night and, I went along willing with it because my family was going to disown me and, I made myself believe that it was part of the “working on me” process. It became unbearable so I decided to commit suicide by eating my wrist till I found and artery. I woke up in a hospital and then sent to a mental health institution.
      I still gay and disowned..
      You think I love to be hated, discriminated on and, not hope to be ‘normal’ like others, you think?
      It was more like slavery to me. My innocence was taken away from me and you know it was people from my own race that did this to me and, I still can’t look at myself in the mirror without thinking of suicide (and am black).

      You think, I can’t compare this to race related issues? My cousin was shot in the head because he “looked” like a thug so the officer feared for his life and opened fire when he was the same person who approached us in the first place.. How is this different from that?
      *Tolerance* is the only key and solution to solving this.

    • Over 40 because most people selectively use religion to condemn homosexuality. It’s common sense, did you really need me to spell it out for u?

    • Oh wow! What a homophobic parade and bigotry going on here in this comment section. Ann is holding the candle light. Just say you hate gays and we will understand hunny!

  2. Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney and these queer bullies are ruining the country.

    • +Bonedown530 That’s kind of exaggeration saying they never do, don’t ya think? I have LGBTQ friends that I’ve man because of an insult. A bunch made that person apologize because it was rude and it was unacceptable. He made fun of my best friend because he was gay and couldn’t hide it very well….. And by not very well, you get the point 😅. We gathered a group of friends and made the boy apologize to him. My friend accepted it because he could see that the other boy felt guilty. To this very day they’re friends. On the other hand… Yea, some gay people just flat out despise you for saying stuff like that. It’s better to not say anything rude at all, rather than saying something and offending somebody. I know it’s our 1st amendment to speak our minds, but I don’t think it’s um…. Well okay in this situation. There could have been 4 possible outcomes to that event, and I don’t think that they’re very good……

    • +Sans comic Tv Yes I get your point, that is one individual though. In my comment I said the LGBT community which is the entire group. LGBTQ what’s the Q? Is there even more? Lol

    • +Bonedown530 Yes you said the entire group, and it’s not completely them. Probably like 1/2 of the group. So 50% 50%.. That transgender woman the flipped out a Game Stop doesn’t have my respect though… She kicked the video games! (I’m refering to her as a female because I guess it’s rude not to idk.) BUT SHE FLIPPED! All because the man called her a sir (which is what she was before her transition). I mean now she’s got to pay for the consoles she just kicked. Trust me. She’ll regret it…. And Idek what the hell Q is. Queer maybe…… I’ve gotta look that one up.

    • +Bonedown530 Also yea there might be more. :p I guess if nothing in the LGBTQA group defines you then you’re just the +. That’s why it’s called LGBTQA+ group.


    • +Bonedown530 I’m gay, and in my previous comment I showed I accepted Hart’s apology. Hart went on Ellen’s talk show and she accepted him. I’m part of many LGBT groups and while some are against accepting the apology for various reasons, some do accept it because everyone should be given the chance to grow and learn. I doubt you have your finger on the pulse of the LGBT community, especially since you don’t even know what the letters stand for. Q is queer, P is pansexual, one A is for asexual, the other A is for Allies, etc. Hateful rhetoric is often born from extremist and exaggerated opinions and nurtured by ignorance.

  3. Well said, worry about the government shutdown and retirees who want be able to live and pay Bill’s next month if the government is still shutdown

  4. He’s right – the govt. shutdown should be a priority right now. Get the federal workers back to work!

    • Yeah, Ellen should know better. Better things to talk about. Homophobes are not welcomed!!! Maybe to your daddy or friend it is, but NOT IN AMERICA. Bullying and suicides are OFF THE ROFF right now. We either curse all who excuse or create hate or let the children watch as adults joke about the things that matter the most to them.

  5. Who hasn’t said or done something stupid in there life………cast the first stone.

  6. You talk about gays being at the table but whenever the gay issue or someone gay talks up they always talk separative and how everyone should be bowing down to them and accept not them as a person but the damn being gay? It is

    • +Anthony Perez come on let’s act like adults now? Never would it be verbal it’s by action and attitude. For example, recently a game individual stated that Kevin Hart will really have to do something of an apology before he could host the Oscars. And before you want to doubt my statement, it is fact you can go look it up, you might find, it interesting where it came from

    • +Russel Stephan LMAO!! I tell you what I’ll be ignoring. If not having sympathy or embracing the gay agenda makes me ignorant? Then I and the most ignorant human being on the planet of Earth!!
      I don’t care if anyone’s gay. I don’t use my energy to affect the gay person in any manner, so if I’m not affecting them negatively typically I don’t care to affect them positively!! I got my own problems .

    • Then if u don’t care stop saying something like people should bow down to them, that’s an ignorant statement to make . if you don’t have anything to say just close your mouth

  7. People are so sensitive. Sad that nobody can joke about anything anymore without mass hysteria

  8. Trump is not ruining our world the Democrats are the ones ruining everything they try to make it look like it’s Trump but it’s obvious it’s the Democrats the left it’s the Deep state. Wake up

    • I didn’t like any of the 2016 candidates. Trump is ignorant, arrogant, obnoxious, and idiotic. All the things he has said so far make no sense, and he knows that. That’s why he always has people covering for him saying “He didn’t mean that”, or “That didn’t come out right.” Hillary and her husband are alright, but aren’t very good either. I just don’t like them. Don’t get me wrong, they’re funny, but I just didn’t like any of the 2016 candidates…. That’s all…

    • +Russell Allen Yep it’s trash now xD! America, home of the fakes and land of the idiots.

    • +Anthony Perez XD. Most of these Trump supporter can’t hold their racism in now that Trumps here. XD

  9. “First stop saying stupid things about gay people”

    But Blacks been getting the most Backlash for the last Century and gays only been out for about 10 years and they supposed to get their freedom faster? How Swae! Lol

    • Stupid things???…you cant control someones thoughts and how they feel. Even though this weak minded society is attempting to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What if the person saying it thinks being gay is “stupid” or filthy etc???…So they gays thoughts and beliefs overrides everyone else’s?…..SMFH!!! Its all mind games and control..and only the strong willed, stead fast believers hold true to their matter what the masses think.

  10. Damn, lots of ignorant comments here. Never heard of this congressman, but he speaks a lot of sense

  11. Black, female and hispanic unemployment at all time lows, 2 supreme court judges, holding the senate, a shoe in for reelection…..Orange man bad, Orange man ruining the country.

  12. First perfect quote of the year

    “Stop saying stupid stuff about Gay people.”-Congressman Sean Patrick

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