Ariana Grande never loses her cool in the middle of a performance … even when creepy dudes crash her stage and get rushed by security.


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  1. They say she a diva she wanted to make her that her fan was ok that’s why she said be gentle and she was looking at him the whole time while she was singing

  2. word respect to her . security always thinks they can rough u up how ever they want . goofs .

    • Kevin Reimer its not creepy LOL anyone can tell. its OK dude don’t be embarrassed. but you ain’t winning. I took no L’s.

      1. you called her cute
      2. you got catfished
      3. youre trying to make me victim lmao

      3 L’s for ya here you go L L L

    • that’s their job. they can ever know if that person is armed or not, so they take no chances. use some logic

    • She handled it very well, but don’t pin the fault on the securities, it’s their jobs. (even if they took like 27 seconds to notice the guy🙄)

    • What do you fucking expect? He wasn’t going to move on his own, the only option they have is to pick him up, or drag him, which would be better?
      Also after Christina Grimmie they can’t risk anything

    • werdgrghr yuiygfs THANK YOU. She’s lucky guy was a fan, because securities took 27 damn second to do something, he could’ve been dangerous. I swear, people these days be blaming the wrong people🙄

  3. She didn’t want the bodyguard to throw that kid off the stage. Lol the dude was huge, he could’ve throw him like a piece of paper.

  4. lol did that security guard behind ariana like fall off the stage or something? he just got sucked away LOL

  5. Is it just me that sees a guy fall on the stage in the backround at 0:32 ??

  6. Her reaction may have been sweet but I would have fired that entire security. Especially after what happened to Christina Grimmie u cannot trust these fans like that.

    • TheCornbeefsoup

      It only happened because (I’m not throwing shade but) Grimmie, was a big star, talented too, but she wasn’t THAT big, therefore she didn’t have the best security, if she did they would have metal detectors and stuff… But at least Mark tackled the guy.

    • Sxassy Msp I kinda agree but than again I don’t….Cristina wasn’t that big of a star so had bad security….on the other hand Ariana is a very big star who would have more of a chance to have someone out to kill her therefore security should react fast no matter what.


  8. i wish the security were faster. IF he were to do something bad to her, he would have already done it

  9. If I was in the front, I would be screaming “ARIANA BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!” at the top of my lungs

    • Cats&dogs223 Cats 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Why did no one do this?!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  10. The guy waved at Ariana Grande and she waved back and then she saw the guards being hard on him and she told them to chill out… so can I jump on stage and she wouldn’t care?? 🙂 no I’m joking,I wouldn’t do something like that lol

    • It was the size difference between the fan and the security – if the guard continued going rough, the fan probably would have hurt.

    • I would do that and sit down next to her pretending to hold microphone singing and i would run away by the time security ried catching me

    • My cousin said in sweetener world tour he’s gonna run on stage ad hug her before the security comes. I won’t be surprised if he does because of his “problems”

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