TLC’s Chili Says She Muted R. Kelly When He Married Aaliyah

Chili from "TLC" says R. Kelly has been dead to her for decades … and she's currently all about another artist's new album. While Chili has always refused to work with Kelly, she says she's dying to collab with Weezer … because she loves the band's new cover album.


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    • +Miss 007 lmao thats another thing. I dont think you can determine what a true alpha male is? I understand you disliked my comment but how does that make me a beta? Lmao i support my family and im currently raising my first child with my woman, im black and rican by the way. So again explain the beta theory. Cuz last time i checked an opinion about females doesnt determine a beta . But like i said lol leave it up to a feminist to hold no accountability at all and blame everything on the men. Lmao pure narcassism. I can admit some black “people” have
      led our generation astray in certain ways. But u cannot put all tht blame on the men of the black race , i see why you feminist do this so often as its usually to obsolve females from the discussion, while demonizing men as a whole. Thats what a man hater is and im trying to tell u most females especially black ones are raised to think this way .

    • I get what you’re saying but they approached her with a question, she simply answered it with her opinion. Yea she could’ve said no comment but what’s wrong with her stating her opinion.? Everyone else is…

    • She stated facts known to the public. She said she thought he was going to jail. Just like everybody else thought.

  1. She still looks good with all that hair 😍 but yes speak your truth πŸ—£πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½


    • You guys clearly do not realize people stalk celebrities out so when they see them they asked him about the most recent news! What power does Chili have as a black woman to be making noise about something she can’t prove or could tarnish her reputation in her life!? You guys sound really ignorant. She can’t do it all by herself! That’s why she played her part in the game well.

    • Maybe because she was a kid too and if she spoke up her career would of been toast..different times little man

  3. Amen to that. Finally someone that make sense. It is nothing to do how talented and great song writer and blah blah. He done constantly something evil with minors he should have gotten booked along time ago. If everyone talented done evil such as rape, murder, etc should be excuse because the person is talented then everyone who are molesters, rapist and killers should get pardoned and walk free. No, because money is the source to silence people and make them turn a blind eye and forget every morals . He stayed in cities where is legal to be with minors, such 17 yes, what does that tell you.Thank you for making sense you speak the truth. He been canceled along time ago by me. I am always will be Aaliyah fan RIP Aali you will always be missed and sad no one could not protect you, when you was 14, got married to that man when 15 then got pregnant and had to lose your baby by getting n abortion because it was all about money and fame and they kept you quiet so you don’t spoil no one image and yours or family but the truth is it has nothing to do with you but him and the adults that was around you. Sad. Money and fame makes people do anything or get away with everything even when it is proving that this person is a evil man who has a problem.

    • Edwina Barry She makes sense because she been cut him off. She didn’t need a documentary to determine that like a bunch of these zombies. Also, it’s ones discretion to listen or not, but waiting until now when you knew the entire time is bs.

    • Mookaron Absolutely, I Can Relate But I Also Agree W The 1st Comment And I Love Chilli For Her Contributions & Tlc But If She Truly Felt That Way She Should Of Spoke Up But The Money Came 1st Just Don’t Act So Disgusted Now Smh πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

    • Nikita Brock
      How you know she’s broke? You know her personally? I bet she has more money than you and access to people who will give it to her.

  4. I remember when they premiered the β€œIgnition (Remix)” on BET. T-Boz and Chilli were NOT here for him paying tribute to Lisa πŸ˜‚

    • +Partick The destroyer yeah i saw it years ago she just swerved to the left & went in a ditch, had no seat belt on

    • @Amethyst208 I remember that! It’s when they hosted the short-lived 106 and Park Prime! She was rolling her eyes and acting disgusted! She pretended to be asleep when they showed “Ignition” too! Kmsl

    • +Miss 007 and you advocate for black women to be in powerful position yet you want to blame and hold us? ( the black american male) somehow accountable by saying to lead and protect the community? Lol u feminazis are lost especially you black ones. Back then feminism was needed but now its like an annoying bad child that just wants more and more and more. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • +Frank Camacho did you reread the comments?? I don’t known if your trolling or you really lack comprehension. What you are doing is slander, all my comments are there in black and white for those with comprehension to read. Therefore, I can not be a liar. Have a great day..

    • +Frank Camacho Β  “Black people that love themselves and their community already muted him back in the 90s”

      That is in no way a criticism of black men. That’s criticism of anyone who saw that tape and continued to support him.

      I be online all the time arguing in defense of black men. This ain’t the fight bruh

  5. Chilli you do not look like you’re 47 years old you look like you are about 27 keep on looking good

  6. I don’t know whose getting more attention these days. President Trump or R Kelly.? Hmmm… let the battle begin. Will it be R Kelly or Trump who goes to jail after serving the devil.

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