Ariana Grande: Tongues New Boyfriend & Donuts!! | TMZ

Ariana Grande's new boyfriend got upstaged by her tongue — which got dangerously close to some powdered donuts … pissing off the people who busted their asses making 'em.


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Ariana Grande: Tongues New Boyfriend & Donuts!! | TMZ


  1. Alright Arianators….how are you gonna defend this one? I’m sure you’ve already thought of some excuses.

    • The reason Selena Gomez exist. When all pop stars turn bad (Miley) and pop stars turn stale (Hilary). Selena is there.

    • Dear ariana,
      Who are you to complain about obesity when your the one in a doughnut shop licking doughnuts. I think you gained 5lbs by just doing that. If you don’t like how unhealthy it is then stay out of the damn doughnut shop. What do you expect to find in a doughnut shop anyway? Salad?

  2. “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” -John Wooden

  3. Wait I thought she was a vegan….oh wait. Maybe it’s fake like her apology.

    • +ILoveYouAishwaryaRai According to Joe Marin….the owner of Wolfee’s Donuts….said that she did not eat the ones she licked on. He owns the shop, and the video. So don’t spread that rumor.

    • BassKick that’s vegetarian
      And she wasn’t vegan at the time

  4. I just hate how she disrespected that employee like that, like poor lady probably felt so humiliated and uncomfortable being talked down by some famous pop star. Definitely lost that tiny speck of respect I had for you. The whole thing is just so rude and disrespectful. It makes her look so fake and immature…

    • What fake? If u r a true ariana grande fan you should recognize her in this video ..i love ariana but please stop being overprotective and accept the reality ..still shes a great singer..everyone makes mistake

    • she had just come from the dentist office and was on drugs because of it. her bf encouraged her though and she broke up with him afterwards. she’s not a fake. keep watching tmp tho, i’m sure you’ll learn a lot

    • +S- Gamer. I can’t say that because I don’t know her personaly. But After i have Seen Dome videos from here i think she is rude and a diva. Maybe I would get crazy too with so many people knowing me.

  5. We all know is she was never caught on camera she would’ve never apologized….. And she’s not sorry the only reason she’s sorry because she got caught. She doesn’t care about her fans . She care about the fame and money. Selfish btw Idc if this was months ago still not over it

  6. It’s not just what she said about America, or Americans, but she’s rudely calling this bakery disgusting, when no one told her to go in. She’s insulting the business and I find that more rude than what she said.

    • Tell them to serve healthier food, and Ariana would never have criticized them.

    • Sultana Majid, no offense, but we Arianators request that Ariana’s videos be as politically-free as possible. Thanks for your cooperation.

    • Ariana’s Fan maybe Ariana could have just not gone into the donut shop then. You are ridiculous.

    • Kissmyass Andmyanus this is a bit late

      No matter what, she still has no right to do what she did

    • +Suckle What that guy said isn’t true anyways. Her boyfriend at the time didn’t work there, he was her back up dancer. You can clearly see him in the video so idk why someone would think he worked there. I’m not a fan of hers but I’m 99% sure she’s never dated anyone who has worked at that donut shop.

  7. Stop saying she Apologized to the shop because she didn’t…She just Apologized to her fans so that they keep buying her Merch. If she was really sorry she would march into that shop and Apologize for what she did.

    • Taylor C I nearly jumped off the balcony and I almost put a fork in a toaster and my friend had to lock me in my room cuz I was going crazy but I don’t remember a bit of it

    • Hai my dude
      please get some help. you obviously don’t what you are talking about. And you don’t like her after one mistake she did 3 years ago? that’s pretty low. she did a lot of nice things to her fans, you forgot the One love concert? A lady gaga or some sort of artist wouldn’t do that.

  8. I absolutely love how her fans defend her when she is completely in the wrong.

    • peruse the exchange in comments over, you’ll see exactly where, hopefully. it’ll be fun for your brain to comprehend the contradiction.

    • Idiot 😂
      She was high on funny gas cuz she got her wisdom teeth removed
      And Ricky was supposed to make sure she didn’t mess up but instead he dared her

    • lmfao you absolute buffoon! you make it sound like she’s unable to control her own actions. kinda the same with this recent “engagement” right?

    • Droplike An Earfqwayk I do agree that the engagement was a little fast but if Ariana’s happy it’s fine. You don’t have to judge people for their love life, anyways they probably didn’t want the news to get out that soon. I find it stupid that people can change their views of a person just because of how fast they got engaged

  9. if it wasn’t caught on camera im 99.9% sure she wouldn’t apologize or even feel sorry

  10. If she wasn’t a celebrity, she would of been charged. She is so ungrateful and thinks she can do whatever she wants, why do people still support her?

    • +The TruthAboutFloyd

      On your second comment you said, “You should be able to try something before buying it”

      Really? So if you don’t like it, you return it to the store? What fucking smartass mind you have.

    • z g Yes they do..look at new media posts about her or YouTube videos about her, it’s full of people saying she’s a horrible person and when fans ask why they think she’s horrible they always mention this incident and use that as an excuse to say she’s horrible.

    • z g Go on videos about Pete Davidson and Kate beckinstale, and it’s full of comments saying that he got an upgrade and Ariana is a brat and when people ask why she’s a brat they mention this incident and the fake news where she apparently told her fans to ‘fucking die’. All stuff that happened years ago, but they still use it against her.

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