Ashley Moore Meets a Fellow Model at the Gym | Model Squad | E!

The "Model Squad" star proves the gym isn't just about lifting weights and running on treadmills. See Ashley connect with a fellow NYC model in the bonus scene!

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About Model Squad:
Supermodels nowadays don’t just walk the catwalk; they’re everywhere and, of course, are staples of the New York nightlife and fashion scene. When you’re the hottest women in pop culture, you travel in packs. In this series, we’ll follow a group of supermodel friends as they explore career, life and love in the Big Apple together.

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Ashley Moore Meets a Fellow Model at the Gym | Model Squad | E!


    • then modeling isn’t the right job for her. if she would have been truly passionate about it she would have stayed

    • +jannie froehlich she was a model in LA but she was doing a lot of catalogue and she wanted to break out of it, that’s why she moved

  1. Is this show worth watching? What is the gist of this show. Seems likes its another reality competitor show like American Top Model meets The Real Housewives of Orange County

    • Its up to you honestly. It’s just about the lives of 8 models. (i think 8) You get to see a little behind the scenes of their work if you’re interested in seeing what models do and how they book jobs. Some are more successful while some like Ashley struggle. She was doing good in LA but in the show she moves to NY to try to break into high fashion modeling. I’ve always wanted a show where i can see into the lives of models because it interests me but honestly I could do without the petty drama. I care more about seeing about their work than who’s friends with who and who’s having boyfriend issues.

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