Jenelle Evans and David Eason Visit Kids and See the Judge in Custody Case | TMZ

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are back in court, hoping to regain custody of their kids … but most likely just getting an opportunity to see them face to face.


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    • jungleforeva everybody has a set of court clothes? Ummmm, no! Just people who go to court quite often, like these deadbeat parents. And you I’m assuming since you have “court clothes”

    • Ali Ash – Amen! idk who the ppl who agreed with “set of court clothes” which is the stupidest comment.

    • @Ali Ash I think she just means clothes that are APPROPRIATE for court, not court clothes !

    • @Christina Vega She didnt say set of clothes, the one you’re agreeing with said that ! She said does it seem like they wear the same thing. And if you dont own more than one outfit nice enough to wear if you had to, thats sad. Jenelle also makes 800,000 a yr !

    • Summer Hickman I think they do care and they clearly both love them and up until today I thought because of nugget they shouldn’t get the kids back but they’ve probably suffered enough now and it wasn’t Jenelle that done it was it and I expect David deeply regrets his actions so I think they should be given another chance. We’ve all made mistakes. I think they should definitely get Ensley back anyway, it’s a bit more complicated with the others.

    • @Natalie Rice I really don’t think either one of them even know what love is, they don’t love the kids, they say it bc that’s what ppl want to hear ! Janelle doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body, and neither one of them are good parents, Jenelle was awful before David even came along ! They haven’t even started suffering, the only one that were are the kids. David doesn’t regret a damn thing, did you not see his post, he even said he’d do it again. Nugget isn’t the only reason they were taken away, he was just the last straw !

    • Melanie Hess No I didn’t see the post where he said he’d batter and kill Nugget again and I’m disgusted he would say that knowing how upset we all over over the incident. I do think Jenelle loves her children but finds the responsibility overwhelming which is why she should have probably not had anymore after jace. If I were the judge I would say Maryssa and jace stay with who they are with snd Kaiser definitely stays with Nathan who I think is lovely and maybe they could have Ensley back but after visitations over a long period of time. Kaiser definitely needs to stay with Nathan because if he’s physical with him now what’s going to happen when kaiser is a teenager back chatting David. Whose to say David won’t do the same to him. I don’t think either of them are equipped to deal with more than one child. Maryssa who is a brave sweetheart heart has spilled the beans ,warts and all and if she doesn’t even want to be near David then the others probably don’t too Ensley too young to make up her mind but I think she should stay with Babs for now , until David’s behaviour is monitored some more. Whose to say that when there told they can’t have the kids back David looses it .

    • @Natalie Rice they were constantly fighting in front of the children. Very violent fights. When DCFS showed up the house was filthy and there were several holes in the walls. Janelle has always been overwhelmed by her children. They were using Marissa to get back at each other. And they were doing it in front of Marissa. It wasn’t just him beating and shooting nugget in front of the kids. I think they definitely need to be separated from their children for a while while they do classes.

    • @Renee Renee I agree, I just don’t think there are enough classes in the world, to make them appropriate parents, especially since they don’t think there’s anything wrong with them !

  1. He looked down at her to make sure she remembered that he told her not to say a word

  2. They don’t deserve to get their kids back. They both only care about themselves and need serious help

  3. Theyre so mad they can’t get the TMZ people “harrested” for talking to them haha

  4. I want to know if she tests positive for drugs and what his psychiatric assessment says!

  5. Let these two kill each other in a basement somewhere. It would be a nice end to this story.

  6. I truly HATE that s.o.b… And she’s just as guilty as he is for staying with the p.o.s

  7. Wearing a suit doesn’t make you a nice person David you big weirdo.i hope the judge leaves those kids to have a bit of peace

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