Asia Argento Sexual Assault Allegations Explained | Behind the Bar

Anthony Bourdain paid the $380,000 to Asia Argento's sexual assault accuser … and denies she had sex with the then 17-year-old, but TMZ has seen text messages between Asia and Anthony that suggest otherwise. The TMZ lawyers discuss what this means for Argento.


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  1. I think this whole me too movement needs better leaders than pedo argento and coke hoe mcgowen

    • @ coptic777…….Do you live under a rock ? For a movement that has no credibility, there have been numerous, numerous persons that have lost all of their credibility and sooooo very much more. Duh.

    • Goobye USA
      Do you really believe it’s all lies? When so many of the named perpetrators have ADMITTED to their behavior?

    • leos
      I think it’s possible that Rose McGowen ended up having all the issues she had *BECAUSE* of her sexual assault at such a young age. She didn’t wait years and years to come forward – he paid her $100,00 in 1997 after a non-consensual “encounter”. Yes, she’s a *hot mess* – but if Weinstein is at least partially the reason for it, then I guess she’s the right person to be speaking up.

  2. If she was a man this wouldn’t even be a discussion. She paid him to shut up. She’s a RAPIST.

    • See this is the problem with calling so many things ‘RAPE’ that fall into the gray area of sexual contact. It’s hard to imagine a woman raping a man who then proceeded to take selfies while lying in bed with her. The word ‘RAPE’ should really be used only for coercive sex where someone didn’t want to have sex and was forced through some form of threat or coercion or violence.

      This whole statutory rape should really be called statutory sexual misconduct or something if there was no coercion. The entire concept of being unable to consent to sexual behavior unless you’re 18 is also ridiculously stupid.

  3. So believe the female when allegations come up but when it happens to a guy it’s ok 🙄 liberal Hippocrates

    • or, where are all the men screaming: he only wants money and 15 minutes of fame?

    • Yes, that’s her big mistake here, age of consent is 18 in California, where “it” took place. She’s from Italy where the age of consent is 14. Know your local laws people!

    • the “baby child toddler” should have said loud and clear:” I’m a little child so I can’t put it there”. So why he didn’t? Asia has said she didn’t know his exact birth day or age.

    • Question: What kind of grown woman (who’s 37) plies a 17 year old boy with alcohol and fucks him in a hotel room? She’s 20 years older than him! Is this normal to you people?

    • Free Speech  it’snot only his chronological age which is the issue, what is more disturbing is that she acted as his mother in the film they met in when he was only a six year old child, then formed/groomed him by acting as a pseudo mother figure for eleven years, plying him with alcohol and then having sex with him….she GROOMED HIM for eleven years from age SIX…that is what people don’t seem to comprehend

  4. To anyone that doubts the veracity of the boys claim when he was then barley 17 years old. Ask yourself how you would like to be sexually assaulted by a 37 year old woman you thought of as a mother figure since you were 7 yrs old. I can assure it caused mental/emotional trauma.

  5. She killed one man and ruined another. She will face zero repercussions for her actions.

  6. Ahhh she’s guilty. He surely didn’t resist but she had no right taking advantage of a kid.

  7. Guilty or not guilty she has kept this a secret for 5 years, then when it came out she blamed it on her dead boyfriend. She is deceptive and refuses to accept any responsibility for this pay off which she obviously thought was a good idea at the time. She has lost all and any credibility she ever had because of her actions, forever.

    See how it feels to be judged and found guilty by an accusation Ms. Argento

  8. for those who excuse this..he was not a random 17 year old…she met him at 6, where her role was as his prostitute mother in a film, and groomed him for year, acted as a pseudo mother figure…that is pedophilia..stop making excuses for pathological, abhorrant behaviors…how would you feel of someone did this to your children

    • +Linda earthwitch You are full of nonsense. You think that your theories are reality. You have no proof of grooming, and you don’t know what a pedophile is. It’s really and truly bizarre.

    • John Bold  you are a fool…I am done …you choose to ignore reality…proof of grooming?? do you even know what grooming involves?? she acted as a pseudo mother figure since he was six! you are a troll or an idiot..I am done arguing with a fool who chooses to defend a predator

    • +Linda earthwitch You are an emotionally-driven individual with no credibility. Your insane hyperbole is an insult to *real* victims of *real* pedophiles, so it indeed is best that I no longer converse with an unhinged person who thinks that her beliefs are the same thing as reality that can be objectively defined and observed. To wit, he was a young man, not a child. To wit, he chose to have sex if he indeed was in a sober state.

    • John Bold  you are the unhinged one who is disconnected from the facts…fact..he was given alcohol..fact..he was legally underage…fact against the law…you know absolutely NOTHING about me or why I have career expertise on this subject…troll

    • +Linda earthwitch You’re hysterical. I only care about this if he was drunk. Other than that, sex between a young man (legal in varied countries and states) and a hot actress doesn’t really matter to most people who aren’t ridiculous. I don’t care about your “cred”, because I’ve seen a ton of professional nitwits with no common sense.

  9. Tmz forgot to mention she gave alcohol to a minor also considered a crime besides the underage sex

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