Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Sets the Record Straight on Pimplegate | TMZ

Rep. Gabbard joined us on TMZ Live and says the red dot wasn't on her chin at all on Wednesday … and she has no idea what the spot could have been. She's clearly not concerned about it and is ready for the rest of her campaign.


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    • @Terry Owens I love how people treat Ron Paul as the gold standard in politics. That’s what makes you, breathtaking.

    • This does make me wonder…. Who does Keanu Reeves support? It wouldn’t influence my own feelings, but I am curious.

    • Terry Owens He supports the Paula Abdul circa ‘88 from Hawaii candidate. 👌👍

    • I didn’t even notice it in the debate. I don’t understand what the mission behind it was. seriously. a pimple…

  1. Thanks TMZ, the mainstream establishment media is doing everything possible to either bury or smear her – because they know her anti-war, anti-interventionist stance is appealing to the public, and nowadays the media elites LOVE and SUPPORT neverending wars, foreign interventions and regime changes. (i.e., Trump actually got a lot of anti-war votes because the Clintons were chickenhawks, but Trump has turned out to be a chickenhawk as well.) Tulsi really needs as much media coverage as possible so people would at least google her. I think that once people started googling and learning more her, they will be attracted to her anti-war, anti-interventionist and progressive policies. Tulsi’s biggest obstacle right now is a lot of people have not heard of her.

    • @1mp0ster false, she wants tougher controls so kids aren’t shooting each other up, u guys said the same thing about Obama before he got elected, did u lose your guns during those 8 years ?

    • Daniel Scott No. Because the Bundy Standoff showed obama just how serious gun owners are about killing for our freedom, and just how heavily armed American Patriots are that we out-gun the US Agencies.

    • I just tried Google Tulsi Gabbard on Google news and got virtually nothing. Amazing, oh that’s right she just sued them so they don’t like her even more now!!!

    • Joe Gibbs Or the only people who care about her are morons like Tim Pool. There are like 40 people in the universe who care about Tulsi, including her family. So obviously nothing would pop up about her. I probably have just as many news articles written about me as she does.

  2. Did this really happen? WTF?? I knew they were actively keeping her off the air because they don’t agree with her policies….but this is insane. WOW

    • It had to have been editing. These people are all covered in heavy makeup before going on stage, even the men. There’s no way for it to show through, even if she had the pimple before. I was shocked when I saw this story; they’ve sunk too low 🤦‍♀️

    • @Naomi G of course no word from NBC on this….clearly they are hoping this goes away. Unreal. What a world we now live in.

    • @Naomi G The other two options are
      1. A camera mistake/broadcasting glitch, we know they had tech problems throughout
      2. Russian interference to make NBC look bad, (less likely, but still an option)

    • tibbarnogard I happen to know a great deal about editing and camera , and I am well studied on the Russian counter-electoral stratagem.

      1. This did not look like an artifact or technical glitch , but I’m not sure why they’d put it on there to have it disappear.
      It’s more likely a lower level employee did this , and was caught and forced to remove it right away.
      2. The Chance this was Russian interference is tremendously low. The Russians would certainly not help the DNC establishment. If it was Russian interference it would be to get someone at NBC to place the pimple then to leak it to TMZ in order to drum up support FOR Gabbard not against her.

      Wow even google must be against her they won’t add her name to the spell check, unlike with any other politician. On a very micro level that puts it in people’s heads : “this name isn’t recognized “

    • And the American media plotted… and plotted and plotted. And they fooled everyone.  Tulsi Gabbard is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and she just attended the recent Bilderburg meeting.  You have all been fooled.

  3. Just more proof that NBC is fake news. Remember the time Brian Williams said his helicopter was shot down in Iraq? 😂😂😂

    • TackyWhale especially when they tried to bury Kanye , he said something that a lot of blacks like myself needed to hear. Being black doesn’t mean you have to be a house slave to “democrats” who enact “republican” policies.

    • Herv3 they have, but they have they’re own biases when it comes to mainstream media, they still have things they are not allowed to say.

    • Herv3 I think I remember a list or something of things they can’t say a political jargon they use. For example, anytime they want to wage a war without cause they will say a genocide or a terroristic leader is in place, if they can’t convince you they will use buzzwords like : freedom , 9/11, god, repercussions, “well, the deal/thing is”, also “stand” and “right” in the same sentence no matter where it is positioned.

  4. She is so cool and unlike all the other liars actually changed her mind about things.

  5. ” he’s expensive man” That was the essense of a cool human being.

  6. I gotta love how she didn’t let Pimplegate phase her.

    • She’s been to war Bruh …. she’s Major Tulsi Gabbard …. the only active duty service person in Congress, she’s been awarded three service medals…. this is nothing for her.

  7. That’s Major Tulsi “Do not mistake my Aloha for weakness” Gabbard…

  8. They gave her a pimple and as usual, gives Bernie Sanders the worst lighting and turns his face red. Such petty charades. I’ve seen both in person and Bernie’s face isn’t red like that.

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