Bill Gates: How to Vacation with 76 Billion Dollars | TMZ

Bill Gates takes his family on a good ol’ summer vacation! And billionaires do it … on a yacht!

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Bill Gates: How to Vacation with 76 Billion Dollars | TMZ


  1. If the world population all held up a dollar and you times that by like 10.5, that’s how much money Bill Gates has. Just for some perspective

    • Young King
      You ungrateful snob. He donates billions and billions of dollars to his OWN charity. And for you to say it’s to lower his taxes is just stupid. How do you think he gets the money. AFTER it’s been taxed. You are a fucking dumbass mate.

    • milot sherifi but he dont have to give any of his money, he dont need permission to buy anything. If he wants to buy a yatch then he can, if he want to buy an Island than he can. Of he wants to buy your house, than he can.

  2. HE worked hard for HIS money HE shouldn’t be obligated to give away HIS money to causes that OTHER PEOPLE believe he should besides he already gives a large portion of his money to various charities.

    • If one ever wanted a cheerleader, y’all would be top pick quality for Bill Gates.

    • OmNomNomNomNom He didn’t steal the idea you dumbass, numerous federal courts have agreed that he didn’t. He paid a small chunk of change to settle a case with those twins.

    • One step up from donating to charity is owning a fucking charity! Bill gates foundation

    • MRP N00BSTER I voted for Bernie so Bill gates has to give away his money 💰. We were supposed to have a paradise like Venezuela but Hillary ruined it.

  3. ‘Why would you buy a yacht, rent it?’ – Buying the yacht probably didn’t even put a dent in his billions.

  4. Let’s just put this into perspective.  The original World Trade Centers costs $1,000,000,000 to build.  So, this guy could build 158 100-story buildings.

  5. Please don’t say “he could save Africa with that money”. I know he can, he could if he wanted to, but he was dropout from school that became an entrepreneur and then made that small company into a huge enterprise that leads in world technology. The softwares he’s made are being used to save lives in many ways. E.g. Medical Research. He is one of the biggest donors to charities that help save kids in Africa and others that find cures for dangerous diseases. Just next time don’t say he’s selfish, he can spend his money where he wants. Btw I am not some Bill Gates/Microsoft fanboy, I’m just putting out information that is the reality. Kbye.

    • He is actually helping africa more than anyone in the world, Bill does NOT work anymore he is in the charity business and that makes me happy, a humble man alot people get blinded by money but he choose to use the money he has to help others

  6. Bill Gates has many foundations that help the needy, and he has worked for his money so that gives him the right to do what ever he pleases with it, you all can just keep on hating…

  7. “Why is it on the walls?”

    Look like she doesn’t know how to have fun 🙁 

  8. I surprised this clip didn’t receive more dislikes…. The man is hugely successful. Why can’t he spend .000001℅ of his money on a vacation? He’s giving away more money than he’s ever made for crying out loud. A bunch of crying babies who haven’t done anything with their lives…..

  9. Lol I’m not surprised that the people at TMZ think he has $76 Billion in the bank… He does NOT have $76 Billion in his bank! His net worth is $76 Billion+ because he owns shares of companies and has assets that accumulate to that amount of money.. Meaning that if he sold everything he owns, he would get $76 Billion USD for all of that stuff. He sure as hell has a lot of money in his bank account, but it is nowhere near that!

    • actually Net Worth is just an estimate of all of his assets no one actually knows how much money he actually has but, guessing from probability he’s probably worth more than his actually set net worth

    • Raul M lol he’s worth more. Ik this comment is late. He has like over 70 nil and just search Microsoft net worth and you’ll see how much that is worth

    • his net worth now is 96B $ and btw he has 45B in cash which means he can buy you😂

  10. Bill Gates is real role model to look up to 😍 he maybe the richest man on this Earth, of this time, yet he is simple & dignified unlike flashy celebs n some nut cases who act like they own the globe🙃😆 not even have 1/4th of wat these families like Gates, Buffets n Zuckerbergs own.

    & these pledge to donate 99% property to charity, comeonnnn how cool n awesome n good heartedness is that😀plus they donate sooooo much😍😍😇

    & this stupid TMZ showcase as if they committing some crime!!!!😏 they have it, they’ll enjoy in decent fashion, so what ? 😏

    There r ppl who show off wit the bank money & flash wat they don’t own, some celebs n commoner included🙃 that’s stupid, this is good😇

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