Elijah Woods: Dogs Have Accents! | TMZ

We caught 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Wilfred' star Elijah wood, and asked him if dogs from country to country have different accents.

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Elijah Woods: Dogs Have Accents! | TMZ


  1. poor guy. first he gets shot down by the girl of his dreams, then elijah wood makes fun of him. :/

  2. Research has proved that dogs actually do develop some sort of accent, I remember reading about it before

  3. I was actually just thinking about Elijah the other day. He was my first crush. Oh man was he cute! He’s still good looking but boy did I have a crush on him.

  4. After watching “Maniac”, a remake of a classic horror film, which is shot through the point of view of the killer, Elijah, as if you’re watching him commit his crimes through his eyes, I just can’t look at him the same anymore! He went from “Hey! You’re that guy from those movies with the ring!” to “Stay the hell away from me, psycho! I don’t want to be killed and scalped!” Lol!

  5. That’s actually not so off the wall.  Animals can sound different in other countries.  Here in America our interpretation of a dog’s bark is “woof woof” or whatever.  Over in Japan it’s “wan wan”.  When I was in Japan, I heard a dog barking, and it seriously sounded like “wan wan” instead of what I’m use to hearing from American dogs.  It was weird.

  6. Omg I thought I couldn’t love Elijah any more and then this… I LOLed so hard at the end! I’ve met him before, nicest guy EVER.

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