Tim McGraw — Bitch Slaps Female Fan During Concert | TMZ

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Tim McGraw ferociously slapped a woman in the face during a concert Sunday … after she appeared to slap his junk.

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Tim McGraw — Bitch Slaps Female Fan During Concert | TMZ


  1. So all of you people saying that he has no right to slap her are basically saying that he should have ignored the fact that he got molested.

    • Jealous are we? Only goes to show your ignorant comment plus I’m guessing you never been married nor probably never been in a relationship. People like you need to criticize others who do well just to make yourselves look good.

    • +Lynda Rogers I don’t think its jealousy… Faith really does go whichever way the wind blows and blows whatever helps her career. Her husband Dan Hill was a Republican so she was one. Tim is an Obama lover, so now she loves Obama. She wanted to get her career going so she blew a few producers and slept with Denise Jackson’s man, ever heard of Alan Jackson? I’ve got nothing for Faith Hill. I fervently believe she’s going to have the love of her life step out on her with some bimbo (a la Faith) and then she’ll know how it feels. Karma is a b*tch (Faith). 

  2. I don’t know but if a man had grabbed a female singers boob and she slapped him we’d be cheering her on. He wasn’t right to hit her but he also wasn’t wrong!

    • +lobiapolo2012 Go back to your ching chong country

    • no he was right to slap her. why should a woman be able to get away with sexual assault 

    • +lobiapolo2012 It’s disgusting to know that there are still racists living among us in this day and age!

  3. while im not conding him method (it could be a reaction, just like the ones woman have when they slap a dude for groping) but people kick up a stink because technically she assaulted him??.
    that’s how it would be played if i groped geri halliwell etc on stage. so suddenly he is the bad guy, simply because well he’s a guy…

  4. Its not like he beat her. I think he had every right to smack her. How disrespectful to touch someone like that! Especially a married man.

  5. For everyone saying “she hit his junk” that’s not what happened. There is a video with closer, more clear footage that shows that she pulled on his jeans causing him to trip a little (seen approx. at 0:48) that’s why you see him look down at his pants(seen approx. at 1:01) when he crouched down, he was interacting with the fans. Not bc he got hit in the balls. 👍

  6. What’s up with all these women who think they have the right to sexually assault men and think they should get away with it without any retaliation?

  7. Woman slaps guy for touching her inappropriately, it’s fine.
    Man slaps woman for touching him inappropriately, he’s a woman beater.


  8. tim mcgraw will play and profit at the cruelest rodeo in the WORLD the cfd rodeo where animals are injured and killed for sport…he is not a class act…far from it.

  9. A Pimp owning his hos. Nothing wrong here. Keep your pimp hand strong playas.

  10. Seeing as she sexually assaulted him, I think he was well within his rights to defend himself.

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