Bill Murray Savagely Turns Down $3 Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Donation | TMZ

Bill Murray's putting his foot down — want an autograph? Cough up a donation, and $3 is NOT gonna cut it.


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Bill Murray Savagely Turns Down $3 Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Donation | TMZ


    • SexJunkle With nothing of value of your own, you attack those that have. Case study.

    • b.b. Murray was collecting money for Puerto Rican Hurricane relief. What is readily apparent to others is utterly lost on you.

    • all these people have no clue you are quoting the “joker” from the movie dark night lmao

  1. People don’t understand that these people wanting autographs are vultures not fans. And he’s making them pay 20 bucks to get something they can sell for thousands to a real collector. He knows what he’s doin. Those people are bottom feeders

  2. If all you got is 3$ and someone tells you to get a job, that’s not savagery. That’s a protip.

    • I like how y’all act u ain’t different callijg people “vultures” knowing damn well you’d do the same thing with watever celebrity u worship.

    • Yes “vultures” Because half these people wouldnt give $10 to charity if it wasn’t for people like this charging them for autographs. Bill knows they’re the same people outside these buildings in Hollywood everyday selling his autograph when they get it. Not fans..Vultures haha

    • If you think $20 is bad for Bill Murray, Greg Brady actor was charging $60 for an autograph and a selfie at a toy show in a quanset hut at a fairgrounds a few months ago.

    • it has nothing to do with money dude. If you live in hollywood you’d know the same guy that isnt your fan is stalking you everyday for an autograph. They sell everything they get on ebay an thats why he makes them pay

  3. Okay…altho his comment may seem crass or rude….i think he doesn’t want to take someone’s last 3 dollars when they need it themselves. He asked like 2 or 3 times if that’s all he has. So don’t hate on the actor known for being private for coming out…signing autographs and collecting donations. He’s doing something good. He just doesn’t know how to not sound nice….lol

    • Joe Martinez Jr you’re a f****** idiot you should have listened to Joe Martinez senior a little bit more

    • ogredean I swear y’all don’t realize that by taking Bill Murray’s side as y’all are, only proves that the right cares more about money than actual empathy. This dude probably had his last $3 and was still willing to donate it, the least Bill could have done is just understand that, but I guess it’s hard to understand that not everyone has a net worth of over a million dollars when you yourself do.

      And stop throwing around the word virtue signalling when you don’t actually know the correct context. Bill being empathetic is not virtue signalling, it’s called being a human being.

    • Sometimes I come to youtube to feel smart because so many of these comments are unbelievably stupid. “He just doesn’t know how to not sound nice” wtf are you even talking about?

  4. Bill’s going to use that money for his drinking habits. Talk is cheap and liquor costs money.

  5. i never seen donations given like that should he not have a special box for it kinda weird its going in his pockets i am sure he is spending it on himself

  6. I would hardly call that savage. It was typical Bill Murray humor. Seriously, at least give him a fiver~

    • ANY money will do. That was not comedy it was plain up rude. Bill Murray if he really really truly cared he would give most of his millions away.

    • Raged Ape evo how is that even rude? Someone begging you for money and you tell them to get a job. It’s his money that he worked for he can do what he wants

  7. I’m puerto rican and I didn’t see anything wrong with what he just finished doing, Good job Bill.

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