Blue Ivy is the Star at Debbie Allen Dance Recital | TMZ

Blue Ivy is on her way to stardom, at least that's the way it seems based on her performance at a big dance recital.


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    • We know good damn well beyonce had her team send that video clip into tmz. How else would they’ve gotten it? Beyonce doesn’t do public relations anymore. And jayz barely does interviews. The Carters children are barely even seen to the public only on their terms. So i highly doubt tmz was sweating them to see blue ivy 💃

    • @LYRIC GANG Was I talking to you tho? Speak when spoken to. He asked a question and I answered. Damn!

    • THE ALYSSA VLOGZ your dumb it’s her mother song it was her voice singing is so she was dancing to her mother song some of you fans are just stupid.

    • GROWN MAN…
      I would love to dance to my popular moms song…
      Plus that song is trending!!!

  1. Well that notification was very cryptic 🤔 wtf? That better be a parent’s recording and not TMZ being creepy stalkers AGAIN!!

    • @Allergic2 Niggas hold on… your name is everything!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 im daf girl!!!

    • @Allergic2 Niggas AMEN!!!! found one and he is stuck with me FOREVAAa (in my Cardi b voice)😂😂✊🏽

    • Wait… I thought the arrow was pointing at the tall girl? So I was looking at the wrong girl thinking it wasn’t all that but it was ok. Now I have to go back and look again.

  2. Blue Ivy Outcheerr letting y’all kno she came to Slay n Aint fa Ply Ply!

    • @Ladii_B 2Real Old? It’s the internet! I’m guessing it’ll take you a few misdirected comments to understand the simplicity of my statement!

    • @tdbjf First who are you?, wait I don’t care. I understand the above remarks made clearly so nothing in my comments are misdirected. All u Supposedly Educated and Informed individuals surely need to take the Giant sticks that are impaled to the Deepest reaches of your Anuses and take a pill (Chill) to be exact. THEY’RE WORDS!. made by ppl… Oh sorry people and as such can change and be manipulated in many fun ways to fit the occasion. So if you have nothing of use to say… And U Don’t! Get off my sack and have a great day, or like Cap America “I Can Do This All DAY”. Or do u not understand the simplicity of my statements?.

    • @Ladii_B 2Real  Ladii_B 2Real  I’m definitely not on this imaginary sack you’re speaking of. It’s clear that you have no idea as to what I was trying to
      say, I’ll let you sit on this sack you think you have..

    • @Yomie Yomie Yeah, wait until it’s essay time!! And last I time I checked I’m sure Out there has the same amount as letter’s as OUTCHEERR!

    • @imanii moore Wow!! As black women we tear each other and you say ugly things about baby. I sure hope your not a mother. SHAME ON YOU!!!😞

    • Jade Christina You don’t care for her why? What has she done to you? So mean.

    • @Kerahia Jno Baptiste did she really say ” i dnt partially care for the lil girl” Wow😲

    • Why is a mediocre singer/dancer married to a drug dealer and sings about being his ride/die, so special to some people??? ANSWER – they are brain damaged from the illegal drugs.

    • But this clip was about Blue not the other lil girls. Get out of ya feelings and go look for the clips and videos that were highlighting “the other little girls and how good they IS doing”.

  3. Well…what u expect…like mother like daughter…just saying…but they all did good

    • Yes! People get caught up in extraneous things, but the kids looked as if they were having fun. No need to hate on Blue… she’s interacting with other kids and that’s a good thing.

  4. Still sexualizing children i see. So she’s on track to be just like her mother. Smh

    • if she on the track to be mother then that’s a great thing because her mother is not known for being naked and or sleeping with different men i mean you tried to hate and failed miserably it was normal dances she wasn’t twerking

    • @Allergic2 Niggas
      On point. These fans get so lost in lala land. I really don’t understand their thought process, counseling possibly needed though. These beyhives who will youtube bully others who live in reality. I am a huge WH fan, but reality was BK looked like Bobby and couldn’t sing. It looks like Blue was trying to be Beyonce on stage, mocking her moves because that’s her reality, I am guessing. I thought some of the other older children were much better, but they were all cute in their own right. Blue is an average child nothing more. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. She’s not such a pretty girl, but look at the bright side of things, she’s rich.

    • angela jones she wasn’t hating she just didn’t out dance anyone just because her mom is famous doesn’t mean she was the best dancer they all did good.

  5. Before you even came with the arrows I was looking at someone else’s child in the video. I think they all did they thing. They all did good! How rude!!They babies!!!


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