Blueface Says Sister, Mom Caused Irreparable Damage For Now | TMZ


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  1. His mom always did tell him he was gonna break hearts 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️💀

  2. His mom & sister are toxic waste… His mom wasn’t tryna ruin his career when he gave her that 10K cash a few months back lmaooo & he stopped his sister from possibly committing murder with that butcher knife & people still defending these women???… There’s just no helping this fucked up world!

    • MaCeo Millions if a dad and brother did this to a female the internet would act completely different

    • k bradley one of them is his gf from when he was 14 the thick one been with him before the money and that’s his baby mama

    • Shanika Stephenson the mom disrespecting her son and she kicked him out when he was 16 that sounds like a poor excuse of a mom to me

    • Bootney Lee Farnsworth if this was a dad and brother acting this way in a rich woman celebrities house everyone would treat it as a hate crime towards women

  3. Where was his mother and sister when he was homeless sleeping in his car?

    • @JAE SHIEST it must be a glitch and yes I have a son. So I can see why he may have been sleeping in a car when he could have went home instead and followed rules.

    • @Kylil Johnson Kylil the second girlfriend ( the one that didn’t say hi) is the new one, but his other has been with him all the time, that’s his baby momma, she was loyal but maybe not Andrea

  4. He should mop the floor and hide the wet sign and catch his mom and sister slipping because they don’t respect his cripping on the deadlocs

  5. His sister should of never put their personal family business out there like that

    • CLOUT !! he said she trying to start a modeling career. She gotta build her buzz best way to do it is through blueface !!

    • @P city You Telling The Truth too He did say that I think his Mother and sister is Jealous of his fame Hell they kicked Blueface out and all did him like dirt when he was Young he talks about it

    • @Marky Mark He said he was Playing why take everything so serious I’m just saying

    • @Uni Aka fire or you can grow food as well. Some people dont even know when money became the device for trade and bartering. They just consumers, america is the land of consumers and not builders

    • @Uni Aka fire In a capitalistic society money IS everything YOUR comment is absurd

    • Money n fame don’t fix yo problems they just put dem on a magnefying glass

    • Speak for yourself !!
      Money is everything listen up people money determines ur future and living expenses how you spend it is up to you..

    • @David Thompson it’s more to the story than that they did Blueface wrong when he was Young they kicked him out and all I Believe him family is you’re Worst Enemies fr 💯

    • @StillStanding
      Lol I sound crazy , muthafucker you on here replying to everyone

  6. Bluefaces’s next song going to be like “ I even kicked out my own Blood cuz I’m a Crip”

  7. Y.G Said It Best “Money And Family Dont Mix Thats Why Im Brotherless”

  8. As someone that was going through it a few years and my family wouldn’t even let me crash for a single night (I don’t smoke or drink, don’t have a criminal record, have no kids currently), I say good for him. Niggas are quick to have their hands out but the times when you need just a little support, they’re fucking Casper.

    • Same here my friend. No drugs, relaxed temperament. I always thought that fam would recognize these very important and honorable trates in relation to providing assistance. Nope. This just mean that are families are botton feeding ,low lifes totally void of morals and we are the ones who evolution has shined on.

    • Family the worse!! Especially whn money and fame get involved. Niggas change like nickel s and dime s

  9. BF mom “I don’t know who this blueface person is I want son back”

    Maybe when you kicked him out and let him live in his car he turned to blueface

  10. I like how he answered the questions with respect and did not be rude like most celebrities.

    • You cant blame the celebs though…these people are constantly following them around and have cameras in their faces

    • @BritBrat011 bruh having a platinum record still doesn’t count as him being famous ? The guy has went Platinum which is hard for many rappers to achieve and artists alike to achieve and even though he has achieved that it doesn’t make him famous ?
      Get da f**k outta hia

  11. BlueFace next song:

    “Dont disrespect my crippin’ Or we gon have a problem, even threw out my own blood, cause I keep on moppin’!

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