Colin Kaepernick Stopped Nike’s Betsy Ross Shoes From Being Released | TMZ TV

The shoes were originally supposed to be released on June 29 with a $120 price tag — but after Colin Kaepernick reached out to Nike to express concerns with the design, the Swoosh ordered retailers to pull the kicks and send them back to headquarters.


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  2. By the time the US Constitution was ratified, and 13 BRITISH colonies OFFICIALLY became the United States, 5 states ALREADY had anti-slavery laws on the books.

  3. Kaepernick does not complain that almost *modern-slaves, and kids make those Nike shoes in sweat-shops* in India and Asia working 24/7 a day for cents. So that “woke” SJWs like him can get hundred million dollar contracts. Guess when you are getting paid millions by Nike, your “wokeness” only goes the fake-way. Like LeBron Queen James too. Colin is a dummy. And a hypocrite Marxist to boot. Besides washing out of the NFL for literally sucking at his job in historical fashion, and then blaming “rasism” to the dumbest sheep.

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  6. Some people big mad lmao thought they were already boycotting?? Now they’re just looking for things to get triggered over

    • Well im not boycotting because i never bought there overly expensive shoe in the first place.

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  9. Obama had this flag behind him at his inauguration, but now it’s racist.

  10. Having too much fun? Kaepercuck to the rescue! Those were some sweet kicks, though.

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