Bobbi Kristina Brown — Found Unconscious in Bathtub … Revived But Still in Danger | TMZ

Sources close to the family tell TMZ Bobbi Kristina has been placed in a medically induced coma for swelling of the brain.


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Bobbi Kristina Brown — Found Unconscious in Bathtub … Revived But Still in Danger | TMZ


  1. Seen a lot of awful comments on news articles about Bobbi. Nobody knows for sure how this all happened, and I find it so disrespectful that a lot of people are saying she’s a crackhead like Whitney and will probably end up like her. How about we just think the best and pray she gets better asap? 

    • +Shanara Phillips Yeah the details make no difference right now at all. The only thing that matters is if she can pull through…hopefully that happens.

    • elb her mom did kill her self because she was a drug addict like her parents and bobbie and her mom did drugs together do ir research and stop picking on the lady. and the person who says white ppl are rasicts are fucking stupid then Abraham Lincoln was rasicts and im far from a rasicts

    • We will be praying for u . Prayer is well needed prayer saves lives .and remember the things that go on in this earth is cause of man free will God gives us free will

    • +Elbereth Gilthoniel Money & fame can never buy happiness, the only people that believe that are the ones who don’t have it. How about the fact that your Mom/best friend is dead? How about the pressure of having to fill your parents shoes? Loneliness? Relationship Issues? The list goes on & on…

    • +BrokenEnglish92 So much of the conspiracy theory,why people are saying that somebody is after them or her mom or anything,I mean if she’s depressed that’s for sure she wants to commit suicide.just like her mother. why would somebody want her mom or her to die? It’s not like they are the Obama family.
      Whitney houston is just a crackhead that did nothing for black community but spend her money on prescription drugs or illegal drugs. I don’t understand why some people are so obsessed with her and her existence.
      She’s done nothing to help people.I don’t feel sorry for any black people who spend their money on just drugs instead of helping the poor people around the world.or america for that matter.

    • +Yoda Ydyxz I agree with the conspiracy theory part, but calling Whitney Houston a crackhead is so out of line. Also, I’m not sure where you’re getting your information bc she supported numerous charities…

    • She was a great woman, she was breaking barries and reforging relationships with movies like the bodyguard, there was more for her to do.

    • +BrokenEnglish92 she also wasted her life,instead of doing something good and be part of positive influence for the upcoming black generation.All what she did was do drugs and waste her life over it.
      Stop glorifying these type of lifestyles.That’s what happen her daughter following her mothers footstep. Thinking that people will feel sorry for her.
      I’ve got zero sympathy for her, but at the same time I feel sorry for the daughter because she’s too young and dumb didn’t see anything coming from the mother nor the father.
      such a waste….. 

  2. Thats messed up…from the looks of it, it seems she wont have much longer. Heres to hoping something miraculous happens

    • She took her mother’s death hard. I sadly knew she would never be the same but still praying and hopeful that she would encounter the right people to turn things around. No such luck. Still praying for the young lady though. 

    • +Jays Rosie Things are looking real bleak right now. Little brain activity usually signals brain death but I hope thats not the case

    • them moving her to another hospital only confirms that they did not want to except what the doctors at the other hospital were saying.. ~BKB~

  3. Just read that the family is talking to Miss Bobbie Kristina, feeding her positives and praying.
    Continue to feed her positives after she recovers.    Continue to pray for her
     her after recovery.                   This is a perfect example of how each
    of GodCreator’s children should be treated.       Remind your children how
    significant they are as individuals. Point out their unique physical beauty.
    Point out their strengths.  Point out their talents.    Be constant.   When
    you share positives…. truth, it is   e m p o w e r i n g to all humans.     Peace of mind
    to all.    2/03/15  J      

  4. I hope she makes it and that she will see when she wakes up how lucky and blessed she heart goes out to her and the fam. :-/

  5. I am a true believer in the lord our savior and I know he makes miracles happen everyday so I already know she’s gonna make it god has the last say in everything in our lives if he said I believe it its already done she’s going to pull through this in Jesus name amen !!!!

  6. Watch for it: Nick Gordon’s involvement… elaborate attempt at an alibi… something smells fishy (no pun intended)!

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