KUWTK | Inside Scott Disick’s New Hamptons Style House | E!

Kris Jenner is blown away with the size and style of Scott's luxurious home! Check out the digs in this "Kardashians" deleted scene.

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KUWTK | Inside Scott Disick's New Hamptons Style House | E!


  1. Why is Kris so surprised??? Like its nothing that she hasn`t seened before!

  2. He reminds me SOOO much of American physco with Christian bale!!! It’s insane lol

  3. Scott: Custom drapery is all being made in white linen
    Kris: Of course it is.
    WHAT?? How is this so normal?? I am dying!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Scott: “and then that fireplace will be demoed into a white slab of marble carrera. I don’t like that. Thats disgusting.”

    Kris: “Ha you’re funny Scott”

  5. Scott: “After this tour let’s take a tour on my lonely jet”
    Kris: “You don’t say”
    Scott: “Yeah, but the wings are being remade, they look too cliched, I want them Versace”
    Kris: “Wow”
    Scott: “Yup, living like a lonely lord”

  6. I cringed at 0:37 when kris walked up the stairs and her heels weren’t even on the surface of each step. they were hanging off lmao

    • I do that all the time and I think it’s the right way to go up the stairs with heels. It’s impossible to put the whole shoe on the stair while going up!

    • I do that all the time! It helps to prevent falling I guess. So when you step up, step as if you’re tip toeing cuz sometimes if you step upstairs with your whole heels on the steps, the heel might get really close to the edge of the steps or even off the edge and that’s when you lose the balance. If u get what I’m saying lmao, and I’m so late for this 😂😂

  7. You could tell he doesn’t like his new home! He rather be at kourtneys mansion with her and the kids

    • Scott is an alcoholic. That´s was huge problem in their relationship. And then Scott cheated. Kourtney tried long to make it work, but eventually she had enough. The reason why they broke up was because of Scott.

    • Unhappiness and blatant smugness are different things. A regal robe and a closet bigger than the average apartment in the US, fit for a Lord. *the house the Kardashians built*, full of “disgusting” features. Being jobless never looked so good (pompous). Dear Scott, I’d like to introduce you to Kevin Federline…y’all would probably get along.

  8. poor scott, i mean its so obvious that he feels lonely, especially in such a big house, and that he wants to be with kourtney and the kids under one roof

  9. Kris almost cares for Scott like her own son. Their relationship has promoted from just son-in-law to Son, I feel thats so sweet. Scott is parentless and it feels he confides more in Kris and considers Khloe and Kim like his own sisters. Theres no big strength than staying together like a family. And in this video now that Scott has to live separately, he is obviously very sad. But Kris acts like a perfect mom and gives him all encouragement and is trying to make him feel good about his new house. I really feel for Scott. He has been the only sane guy. Just the media and attention and these girls always giggling about fashion and makeup made him tizzy.

    • they use to hate him until he was part of them getting alotta of TV ratings cause he was funny than they took him in after

    • I agree Scott is my fav 😍he tell all of them the real.The only man around with real ball’s.😂

  10. It makes me so happy that even though Scott and Kourtney have split, Kris is still surportive

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