Bow Wow Surveillance Video From Fight With GF Shows His Jealous Rage

Bow Wow was enraged at his girlfriend before their violent fight, forcefully snatching something from her, cornering her and getting all up in her grill … according to a surveillance video obtained by TMZ


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  1. Doesn’t look like a “jealous rage” to me, obviously some kind of dispute broke out between them, but the Media and Internet will make the brother the aggressor as always.

    • As a non-black man, I understand how manipulative women are.

      What Bow-Wow did was wrong. He shouldn’t have touched her nor took his jacket off as if he’s fighting a guy.

      I understand his frustration.

      Maybe the woman was flirting with other guys that made him angry? Who knows? The media will only the aggressive side of men.

    • +Susan Perron you are remarking about mental abuse, yet you address me an idiot. 🤔.
      My remark simply translates to as “it could have been worse”. I think Bow held himself really well in his fit of rage. Go check out Ray Rice lay the smack down on his wife!

    • +Young Marco Dont Trust You of course the strong person wouldnt let that happen to them probably that’s why I assholes take advantage of weaker people

    • +Ricky so let’s see you’re out and about and someone just comes up and snatches something out from your hand let’s see if you would just smile and say well it could have been worse I know you’re going to be pissed off

  2. Stepping to a woman makes him look even smaller..didn’t some dudes run up on him awhile back..straight CLOWN

  3. Well she was calm, cool and collected until she wasn’t. A person can only take so much. It’s clear Bow Wow is aggressive.

    • So when the football player was getting hit by his wife it was ok that he knocked her out? I mean because you can only take so much.

    • Brick Brack you’re very sodish, she was drunk as hell but simps like you submit to unrighteous women often this is why you have no decernment to understand. not defending his actions either wickedness cares not who is affected by it

  4. Shes was trying to keep it together! But I guess when you keep poking a bear eventually you will get dealt with.

    • +MARCELOUS Neal You should know most women are hypocrites they’re allowed to do certain things but will attack a man if he does the same but scream about equality theres no real logic to many of their thoughts

    • Imagine thinking this was a clever comment. women really have shallow perception of themselves lol

    • he probably was putting his hands on her in she grab his face with her nails to protect herself

    • ThatBitch Myhonesty what if he didn’t put his hands on her and she hit him first I stg mfs stay jumping to conclusions

  5. When a guy comes up to your face while yelling and taking off his jacket, I don’t care he yelling good day sir, it’s fighting words.

    • He’s probably been an abuser his whole life but when it comes on TV because he’s so cute and when he smiles his teeth are so nice we don’t think their abusers until we actually see it for ourselves I was with a a****** like that who look like Bow Wow everyone thought he was so nice and cute I did too after a couple months he turned into a real a******

    • +Susan Perron
      My x look like the weeknd can sing too. All because hes soft spoken when you first meet him people think hes nice. It’s fake asf ive been beaten about 7 or 8 times not including the slaps to the face and shoves

    • +Dylan Rawr I’m glad he’s your ex I feel sorry for the people who date him after I’ve been with the guy for 6 years now and he is such a nice guy we’re going to be getting married and living together this year I hope he doesn’t change anyways are you in a good relationship now or have you stayed single for a long time because of that idiot I was single for probably 20 years and I thought I was going to be alone forever

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