Congressman Sean Maloney’s Down with Gay Disney Character, Elsa or Not | TMZ

Sean Patrick Maloney's onboard with Elsa from "Frozen" being a positive gay character for kids, but if that's not how it plays out … he thinks Disney should — and will — make it happen soon.


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    • No how does he get down? He’s a kid. Are you saying your cool fantasizing kids doing gay actions? Your comment is pretty clear! Do you work around children?

    • Jan-Michael Vincent Peter Pan has Tinker Bell that can change to the size of a person and kisses him and his girlfriend that visits him in Neverland. You must be thinking of Michael Jackson and his sleepovers with boys.

  1. Trump will likely win 2020 because all the declared candidates (except Tulsi) are bought & paid for by corporations & billionaires. The democrats have no real plan.

  2. Of coarse this guy is ok with it, he sucked all the cocks in his way to congress and looks like he enjoyed it.

  3. It a children’s cartoon she doesn’t need a man or a woman partner to get by she can be a strong individual that can make it on her own just because you’re not committed doesn’t make you less of a human because you don’t have someone by your side doesn’t mean you’re miserable

  4. They just want her to be a lesbian. Stop pushing this onto children. Leave the SJW politics out of their childhood.


    • That has already happened unfortunately! You just need to fight against this everytime they try to put it out there!

  6. There is parental advisory for a reason. To stop things like this from happening. There’s a reason for Nick at night and adult swim! Some things are just not for children!

  7. Someone at Disney really wants to come out the closet! Well just do it already. Just leave the children out of it!

  8. There are a lot of gay adults already. Why are they targeting children now. It looks like the public of old, were right about them after all!

  9. Boom Bye Bye in a batty boyi head!!!!!!!!!🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

    • natty watty 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🔥🔥🔥🔥 Ah Wah dem ah teach our children nah Dwagz????

  10. So people in the comment section are going to act like children’s movies didn’t show adult relationships since forever🤔. Whether you believe in gay relationships or not why be a hypocrite and say “let kids movies be kids and not depict adult relationships”. Be yourself and just say your anti gay because you clearly have no problem with Disney showing heterosexual affection and or marriage to children😒

    • Yeah because its natural the other lgbtq stuff is a perversion, why not also teach about s&m relationships, or tranny relationship do we really have to ingrain their minds sjw political propaganda.

    • From one human being to another, at what point do we say Love is Love?? There are perversions in both lifestyle however one side gets more public flack. Honestly everything you look at can be used for political propaganda and or self gain. We as people show love the way we are shown love and when it comes to children they have more tolerance than adults. There perception changes as a result of what they are taught. So why not instill tolerance as a way of being???

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