Brie Bella Wears Chicken Cutlets to See If She Wants Bigger Boobs | Total Bellas | E!

Despite Daniel Bryan's protests, the mother-of-one can't help but feel self-conscious about her deflated breasts after baby Birdie on "Total Bellas"!

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Brie Bella Wears Chicken Cutlets to See If She Wants Bigger Boobs | Total Bellas | E!


  1. I appreciate Daniel’s opinions he is not hatting on the idea but not loving on it at the same time
    He is saying I love you for no matter what your body goes through but I don’t mind if you want this though. It’s one of the rare things that guys don’t have this day

  2. She is right a baby deff. Changes your body but in all reality bre has this beautiful look and glow since she has had her baby girl.

  3. I am not against it I want a breast reduction and I know a lot of moms who want that same thing after they have kids

  4. Love this couple. A baby does chnage ur body but so does our perspective on our bodies do too. Brian is awesome for just being so appreciative of brie.

  5. I love that he tries to uplift her about her natural body and tells her she beautiful regardless but it’s her choice and if it makes her happy then he will be happy for her I hope but way to go Buddy for uplifting and being positive to your wife

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