Colin Kaepernick and Travis Scott Spoke Before Super Bowl Deal was Signed | TMZ News

We've now made sense of what happened between Colin and Travis, and sources connected with both sides agree the two men spoke, but the timeline and substance of the convo are critical.


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  1. Wow Travis sounds like a sellout

    Breaking news: kap just said he and travis never talked

  2. If I was Travis I wouldn’t be performing. The NFL is a racist league & they showed there true colors.

  3. I’d bet money Chris Jenner has paid spin doctor Harvey to save face in a this scenario

    • The Proverbial Hater hahaha a black man hating on another black man for succeeding….man how the world turns

    • +TheSwimpsu99

      So I’m the proverbial “hater” because Travis Scott is a sell out who stands with white supremacist owners who think the Constitutional rights of unarmed black people being violated by police is ok? That makes no sense… Shut up. Nice try “Boris”…

  4. Are people still supporting kapernick? What has he really done? Has anything changed except he has more money now?

  5. I love the sellout name being thrown around Nike is providing uniforms for the Superbowl did Kaepernick tell them to stop? of course not because he’s getting paid from them. I also love the fact that Kaepernick who is not black (mixed race) neither is his girlfriend and they have the nerve to tell Black Men what they should or should not be doing? I don’t see Kaepernick leading any marches I wonder how much money from that Nike check he’s donating? He had a chance to be a QB in the league but he wasn’t taking a pay cut because he still thinks he’s a top QB??? The NFL has made Black Men who came from nothing millionaires more than just about any other industry is it behind the times? yes ..does there need to be change? of course but boycotting the Superbowl does zero for my race.

    • +Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010 You’re not going to put any effort into it? none at all?

    • mexd race people are the most educated successful telnet smart respectful, and they are the most popular beautiful people as well,

    • I get where you’re coming from but if I was Kap, hell naw I wouldnt tell Nke not to sell to them. I would take it as a lil victory for me and a slap in there face because either way they’re paying Him because Nike get paid off them n then pays Kap lol. And 2 being Mixed does not Not make u Black he is half and half I believe. But yea I agree Travis can do what he feels is right for him and I do applaud him for at least trying to strike some sort of social deal rather then jus sayin Welp… Im taking the gig and the money.

    • +Jenny Kevin I’m not knocking mixed race people but l don’t want someone who is not Black telling Black people what they should be doing.

    • +Brittany James Well said I’m just not going to beat down an organisation that has helped many Black men achieve something they wouldn’t have otherwise done and you can read story after story about how football has enabled many men to escape poverty and they were able to take their families along as well.

    • Ironic the white man loses his job for accidentally saying coon but black people call each other coon everyday hilarious!

    • IRoNic tHe WhiTe mAn LoSEs HIs joB FoR aCcideNtaLly SaYIng cOoN buT blAcK PeOPle cALl eAcH OtHeR cOoN evErYday hiLaRiOus!

  6. It’s the Super Bowl. A big event for artist and himself. With the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince among other black artists. He can look back and say to his kids “that was me” We can’t seriously expect Travis to have some sort of sensibility when it comes to the politics of the NFL. So I don’t blame him, he’s not a sell out just because he doesn’t necessarily agree with the popular opinion.

  7. Kaepernick is crap that’s why he was cut and also I thought the super bowl was for ALL AMERICANS

  8. Wasn’t Colin Kapernick taking a knee to protest police brutality and racism? It’s not specifically against the NFL. Did I miss something and Kapernick was protesting the NFL?

    • Ryan Peck he doesn’t even know the fight he is fighting anymore…it’s pathetic to watch the black community hate on a black man for succeeding…..Travis should do it bottom line, it’s a great opportunity for his career…’s like someone offering you a promotion and saying no to support something you are not involved in!!!!

  9. They could bring Michael Jackson and Prince back to do the halftime show and I still wouldn’t watch it.

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