Cardi B’s New Music Takes Aim at Nicki Minaj | TMZ Newsroom Today

T.I. had his assault charge dropped by prosecutors in the case that he felt was racially motivated. Also, we've got the scoop on an internal battle going on right now within Cardi B's team on whether on not to take shots on Nicki Minaj in upcoming music.


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  1. Hahahaha no song or nothing Cardi does towards Nicki ain’t gna count because it did not come out of her! Somebody that comes for Nicki gots to write her own raps Nicki be spitting harder than dudes! Look Cardi popping she a good entertainer but that’s it people. There’s no comparison between them . Nicki actually a real MC a real rapper from NY she up there with biggie weezy tupac jay nas!!! Like wdf yooo give Nicki her respects 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. Nicki Minaj needs to settle this by exposing cardi and her label, ofc she doesn’t say anything and keeps quiet because the media will paint her out as some crazy woman

    • nativia TV keeps quiet ? Lmao aight. Nicki fans sees the fault of everyone else but the common denominator in every issue nicki has… which is nicki herself

  3. I seriously have to laugh when people actually consider cardi as a rapper, ok payola peasant

  4. I’m over the discussion about Cardi b in totality. I’m tired of hearing her name tbh.

    • Never liked her songs. every song of hers always mentions the stripping and money dance etc etc ugh like we get it. There’s just no versatility in her lyrics.

  5. CARDI May have won the battle but she sure as hell lost the war,, NICKI 4th PLATINUM ALBUM 👑👑👑👑👑

    • ur girls cooch a number 1 song doesn’t mean you sold more, it’s how many ppl actually buy your music

    • +Poppin Poppin idk i dont listen them but that marron 5 and bad bunny one plus a difernt one idk

    • Cardi’s a damn puppet! …. Can’t even believe MFS even compare Cardi with Nicki… Until Cardi’s work stamina levels up with Nicki’s then we can have a great conversation, but for now , Cardi needs to remember she’s still in Daycare.

  6. I wish her and offset find something to do y’all just had a baby chill.. I guess Quavo is gassing⛽️her up every body want a piece of Nicki 🤨😫

    • quavo own nicki apolozy nicki was not after relationship she just like the migos boss quavo,>>>> nicki was just borring but quavo was taking it like he is better than who so ever nicki fuk with alredy meek want his girl back tho

  7. Nicki said she Ain’t worrying about Makin a diss song cause she have bags in front her that needs to be handled unlike cardi still worrying about what nicki doing Soo call she claims”Nicki stopping bags”😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. They just want Nicki to drop that freestyle 🤣 BUT SHE GONE DO IT WHEN SHE WANT TO!

  9. Oh what a surprise Cardi B is clinging onto Nicki’s name for dear life…..this girl Issa joke frfr

  10. They are afraid of Nicki to be honest, i think maybe cardi diss contain lyrics that are too personal like Nicki’s brother, what went down between her and meek etc, if she puts it out that will set Nicki ablaze, because Atlantic knows Nicki has her receipts of fraud and briberies done by the label behind the scenes and she is just waiting for a good excuse to put them out. sources claim Nicki has withheld some of the information considering some of her closest friends signed to Atlantic, like lil uzi and how they going suffer if the information comes out. but given the good excuse she is ready to put it all out in the open.

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