Cardi B’s Security Accused of Met Gala Beating | TMZ

Cardi B's security team allegedly attacked an overzealous fan Monday night outside NYC's Met Gala … TMZ has learned.


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  1. Was stomping his head really necessary, he was already down, smfh…project AF.

    • P.O. M.E I get how if someone does not give you consent to do something to them it becomes Illegal. However, where’s the argument of a f*ck boy giving you consent to “hit him” and then everyone getting in their feels when it happens and wanting to prosecute the agressor(s). He clearly gave everyone the consent right? Isn’t that what the video shows and audio plays? Talk sh*t, get hit…

  2. I am PRAYING that X-Fan is okay because he looks dead at the end! Where the hell were the police they had been there all night now all of a sudden they are gone!! Cardi B and her GANG are such TRASH! WTF did they beat that man like that! What the hell did he do that was so bad? I hope someone goes to jail for that brutal attack and that she gets sued so they learn a good lesson. You aren’t in the hood anymore so try to act like the rest of us that are CIVILIZED HUMANS (I it will be difficult for you) or else go back to where you came from!

    • Sallie Ryder He isn’t dead… but I know he is hot. Because that dude stomped him straight to hell lol.

  3. What did this person do to deserve that beating and head stomping? They were excited about seeing Cardi B? Clearly the person did very little to her, otherwise you would hear about how she was attacked by this person, which to me is the only thing that could warrant this type of abuse of power.. If these were police officers, all of you would be talking about how messed up our country is and police officers should be charged and blah blah blah.
    We dont see what happened to initiate this but the person could have died, this is not OK. People are praising her security as if theyre justified yet we bash police officers for doing much less and in worse situations. . Youre either ok with people being beaten when they step out of line or youre not and the truth is, its not ok either way. The double standards are crazy. If its your fave rapper, then by all means, its ok but if its a police officer, we should hang them right?……….nobody makes sense anymore.

    • how u know that ? what if he sexually assaulted her or hit her or anything u guys are assuming instead of asking questions about what really happened

    • Jonathan Perez. First, Don’t we base our comments on youtube by what we see in the videos? So yes, there is some assuming but that’s the times we’re living in. I’ve also read that Cardi B was yelling for them to stop beating the guy. If that’s the case, I doubt she was Sexually assaulted. And I doubt she was Sexually assaulted with all of her people around her. What I do know is that it’s excessive no matter and considering the scrutiny our police officers face for every single thing they do, whether justified or not, we should be treating and scrutinizing the situations in a similar manner when it comes to security. The cops would be called every name under the sun. They’d lose their jobs, maybe charged, maybe jail time. We can’t just go around stomping on people’s heads, potentially killing the guy for touching someone or being a crazy fan. Unless he tried killing her and was a continued threat, there is no justifying it.

    • Dont try to pull a pregnant celeb, she could fall and that would be the end of her baby lol the video obviously been cutt for a reason to get a good story and make you think that the crazy fan was the one being abused, as you can see in the video someone wrote while they recorded that the fan was crazy as hell, crazy people get dealt with in a crazy manner, people are dangerous now a days you need to be wary now a days smh i would of stomped his head in more for making me think my life was in damger

    • None of it was necessary. They attacked him for his opinions?? Lowlife trash is what they are. No amount of money will change that. Cardi’s fame won’t last long.

    • What you have them down and it’s obvious there is no more threat not much else is necessary at all tantamount to attempted murder if you ask me I would be pressing charges and suing but then again I would never put myself in that position.

  4. Really was it necessary to step on a person, when they are already down. This is why you don’t hire street thugs to be security. Give them jobs doing yard work. This is going to cost her.

    • As well it should cost her (and hopefully they arrest some of those dudes, too). A total unnecessary, excessive, and immature course of action for a non-violent initial confrontation. These dudes are ghetto thugs, no more, no less. She SHOULD be sued for all she’s worth! People just dont care about human life anymore. SMH. And God only knows what kind of issues that dude will have long term from this beatdown. So sad.

    • keva kinsler So by the fact she also told her employees to do this then she needs to be charged as well.

      Lessons are taught until they are learned.

    • Rick Ohm afraid they may start snatching bushes out because they felt the bushes were disrespecting them.

    • I hope she goes bankrupt. There’s enough trash in the entertainment business.

  5. Every last one of them deserves jail time for jumping on one person. Punk moves

    • They are cowards, and animals. They need to be put into cages.

    • Agnes M tsk tsk lol…nope, not Baptist. And nor am I assuming, I’m just going by what you’re saying😊

    • MichaelAngelo Taylor but how??? Can you prove that you were there and saw these demonic rituals lol

    • Agnes M my goodness smh…I would ask if you know anything about symbolisms, but it’s evident that you don’t…otherwise you wouldn’t be asking me these questions…😕

    • MichaelAngelo Taylor but were you there at the party tho? Got any proof that that you took?

    • Yeah you really cant take niggas anywhere lol theyre spoiling it for the rest of the upcoming artists

    • Loremaster Sad he’s a heckler to does this to various artist. he didn’t deserve that treatment for the verbal abuse.

    • Ms Dreadedfate this dude has done this b4 he trying to come up on someone elses dime. There is video of him harassing other people at other events.

    • He will probably get about 200 to 500 thousand depending on what all injuries he claims and if they take it to court or settle it outside court

    • By the way all these people talking about they didn’t touch him personally need to realize that don’t matter the beating took place in their name on there word. If it was her security then it’s her fault for not having better trained and authorized security. Also you can detain and remove someone not beat them and stop them. They are not cops

  6. He’s down for the count and you go back to stomp his head? That’s attempted murder and you should go to jail!

  7. Lol so stupid. He went to the hospital and got paperwork on everything they done and it’s on camera. Cardi needs to realize she isn’t in the Bronx anymore. She’s worth millions now. When he sues he’s definitely gonna get a nice settlement.

    • She’s gonna be more broke than Gary Coleman after this.

  8. This is what happens when you hire all your hoodrat friends from the Bronx to play your “security.” REAL security would have handled it right.

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