Parkland Leader David Hogg Rejected By UC Schools

David Hogg helped spearhead a movement in the wake of the Parkland situation that has resonated around the world, and you'd think colleges around the country would be clamoring to snag him, but sadly that's not the case.


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    • I went to community college at 23, got my associates degree and then got my bachelors at UH soooo

    • Abiogenesis Zero Proof it’s not a roast. Going to university your first two years is for spoiled brats and dumbasses

    • Roly Ramirez it’s for normal people who don’t have egos and attitudes and are willing to work hard to get to the next level. Plenty of people start out at junior colleges and end up with PhD’s.

    • +Roly Ramirez funny cuz I am a manager at Walmart and I didn’t go to a community college. So what’s so wrong with being a manager?

  1. David Hogg thinks clear backpacks are a violation of his 1st amendment rights, meanwhile he’s trying to get rid of his own and everyones 2nd amendment rights… The irony.

    • Clear backpacks are a violation of the 5th Amendemnt you pillock, how about stop pissing on the Constitution from both sides….

    • +Kat MomD You just straight up contradicted yourself. You said no one is trying to take your guns then admitted you want to take whatever you define as an “Assault Weapon”. If you try to take them there will be a civil war the US Military is largely pro gun and will not stand for it. Also you couldn’t even take them if you wanted to since there are millions and millions of them. People have even be known to bury them in case the government takes their guns.

    • Abby numerous reasons, one example is to our firearm any attacker if you have a Glock and the attacker has an AR-15 he illegally bought then you are dead. Also the entire reason why it is still around is so if the public doesn’t like the goverment they can remove it.

    • realoliver Ya we still use democracy and republicanism and it has been around for 1000’s of years, consider the fact of what the government can do when the citizens have no weapons? Look at some historical examples, also their is nothing wrong with it, school shootings can’t be prevented even if ya say remove the 2nd admendent we got 350 Million Gun’s in this country, and a person can easily buy a AR-15 on the deep web or black market this happened in China a few years ago, their is much more I would explain here but your to stupid to have a logical debate with.

    • Titi He is’nt doing anything the reality is he is doing nothing but supporting a movement that will do nothing.

  2. That creepy little creep, I wouldn’t want him on my campus either, he may have been the one to stage the shooting himself

  3. HAHAHA!
    Interviewer: “Where you gna go?”
    Hogg: “I don’t know….I’m thinking I’m a celebrity now and don’t need college cuz I’m changing the world and have all these media people giving me attention so I might just ride that wave of adoration forever….cuz yknow, I’m famous now. Who needs college?”
    *walks off thinking this is a legit career and that he won’t be tossed aside as soon as the anti-gun agenda finds another tactic to exploit.*

    • Yep, in one of the three different versions he gave he was at home and rushed to the school on his bike with a video camera to conduct interviews. Of all of them, I think that is probably closest to the truth being his goal in life is to be a CNN anchor.

    • He’s not laying claim to that and news anchors with drool cups aren’t calling him that. Mr. Hogg is the one that needs to put up or shut up.

  4. Getting rejected by UC is one thing but Cal State Long Beach? They’ll take anyone with a pulse and a checkbook.

  5. That’s too bad California rejected him.
    He’s an actor and a liberal idiot, he woulda fit right in.

  6. He got rejected becasue he is toxic he has capitalized on this tragedy for his own personal gain. He demonstrates no leadership its all exploitation

    • nope, he got rejected because he got 1270 on his SATs, and probably did not take advanced classes. I have tons of friends that got rejected from UCLA with better stats than him. And yes, he is pretty punchable.

  7. So when did every single person in the vicinity of a crime become victims and survivors, and not bystanders and witnesses

    • You MONSTER they said they looked down the barrel of a gun.Turns out they weren’t even in the same building…

    • He wasn’t even there. His first interview, he said he went home, then heard about the shooting and then went back because be “had to interview as many people as possible.”

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