Cecil the Lion: Bones Will Become a Memorial | TMZ

Cecil the Lion did not die in vain … his remains will be used for an anti-poaching memorial in Zimbabwe … TMZ has learned.

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Cecil the Lion: Bones Will Become a Memorial | TMZ



    • +Peter Nguyen hey not cool it may seem cruel to leave the meat out for scavengers but its actually really good that way nothing goes to waste its what would happen anyways if cecil died naturally scavengers like vultures,hyenas,jackals,even other bigcats like leopards and cheetahs will scavenge a carcass if they can and hyenas and vultures store some of the meat in a special pouch in their throats to bring back to their cubs and chicks so in a way at least cecils death will help keep other animals alive and also the decomposition process can enrich the soil causing healthy plant growth so at least nature can find a use for the rest of the animal when that scumbag dentist wouldn’t remember if you hunt anything like a deer or a bear make sure to use every part of the animal you can a deers hide can make a great leather like material and its meat can be cooked and eaten using every part of the animal you can is what I call responsible hunting its what separates hunters from the poachers and please don’t hunt a animal just for sport or a trophy and make sure that you conserve and protect endangered species like lions and rhinos who need our support the most and remember The power is yours!!!!!!!

  1. Damn subhuman waste of space=(
    RIP beautiful majestic Cecil you will never be forgotten,,,,x

  2. Whats the bounty for gutting dentis Walter Palmer? Someone should go after him

  3. this story is so sad. is it weird that i’m heart broken over this Lion’s death?  that horrible dentist needs to get hunted for fun too..

  4. A memorial against anti-poaching? So it will be a pro-poaching memorial? WTF is wrong with you, TMZ?

  5. I feel ashamed of belonging to the human race
    WTF are we doing to our planet?

    This is no longer just about killing a lion, it´s about how we let our greed taking over ourselves and degrading ourselves like this, by killing animals, destroying our planet by sucking out all the natural resources because we are obssessed with money, greed, power, wealth and we are so blinded by these things, that we don´t even seeme to care anymore of the fact that our planet is DOOMED. 

    Seriously man…

    This is just sad.

  6. Sign any petitions you can find to end this.

  7. That doctor is a devil for killing one of most famous lions let the animals not be afraid of us 😈this devil sign is for the doctor who killed Cecil what is the point of killing animals their fur,skin,heart,teeth,and head why did you have to kill a beautiful and beloved lion named Cecil.all of a sudden people do something wrong then 7 weeks ago when that crime was made you realize what you done was wrong the lion was happy then all of a sudden some dentist wants to a happy lion a talk his life away the fans of Cecil will give the Cecil killer REVENGE R.I.P
    To a beautiful and beloved lion named Cecil

  8. You know what will be a better memorial?  have that bastard Walter Palmer be shot with a Crossbow, have him be tracked for 40 hours and THEN Skin him and beheaded him too to show the world what we do to Jerk offs who has no Penis between his Legs and wanted to feel like a BIG Man by killing a beautiful and innocent creature.

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