Prince — Medical Examiner Says Fentanyl Overdose Caused Death | TMZ

Prince died from an opioid overdose … it's now official from the Midwest Medical Examiner's Office, and the drug is even more powerful than Percocet.The M.E. performed toxicology tests on the singer and determined the singer died of an accidental overdose of Fentanyl — a powerful synthetic opiate that is more potent than morphine … often used for cancer patients to deal with severe pain. Fentanyl is often used to treat people who have developed a tolerance to less powerful opiates such as Percocet and morphine.

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Prince — Medical Examiner Says Fentanyl Overdose Caused Death | TMZ


  1. Fentanyl is stronger than heroin and kills more people. .. deaths have been doubled throughout the years. …. why???


    • Cam D. AMEN! I’m so sick of trying to explain chronic pain, pain medication, and addiction!!!!
      His music defined entire periods of my life!! I can’t bear to watch Purple Rain because I associate it so strongly with my 1st bf, later fiance, who was killed.
      Purple Rain is describing when blood flows from Heaven ….the red mixes with the blue sky and makes purple.
      Watch Princes interview with Mel B and listen to LAST DECEMBER….the lyrics are about death, but the song is upbeat and SO beautiful…..I believe this song describes his feelings about death the best.
      We are the ones left behind in this World, he believed he would go to a far better place in death. Bless you my purple friend.

  3. lies…first of all his autopsy would be protected under HIPPA laws so how the hell do you get this fake info.. A toxicity report wouldnt reveal if someone had HIV jackass

    • Those non believers can watch Princes “last concert” obviously an imposter unless he lost 50 pounds in two days..mind control is a mofo and you all need to snap out of it

    • wow, maybe you should call the police about this matter…………..just think how many people it would take to keep such a secret, surely with your powers of observation you can get someone to verify it was an imposter, right?……ahhh, didnt think so……better take your meds now andkeep dreaming honey

    • What a name to use hellboy withhorns…you follow the devil who is the father of lies. Repent!

    • allure searles You think he wasn’t on drugs, but Mayte said bullshit about him abusing drugs. It’s in her book. It’s strange how before he was with her, all of his friends would say that he was never abusing drugs or never seen him with drugs. He wouldn’t even take an aspirin but after he got with her, she said that he was taking aspirins and abuse them too. Can’t believe so many people idolizes her.

  4. My best friend from primary school recently overdosed and died from injecting fentanyl patch. This is so sad. 💜💜💜

  5. I don’t believe a word of this……notice when he says “two people” he throws up the satanic horns and he repeatedly uses the 666 sign while giving details

  6. This is so sad. It’s amazing that the people we love and idolize are gone too soon.

  7. UGH!!! This is the LAST thing I am watching or reading about Prince’s death!
    Just let this man rest in peace. No matter what the cause of death, I will forever
    be heartbroken and I do not want Prince to be remembered like this! I know his
    true fans will remember him as I do…He was and will always be The BEST!!!
    Thank you, Prince, for all you gave for your fans!!
    Now, I pray you can rest in peace!

    • kim c it is YOU who are judging him. People like YOU who judge are not helping. Do you really think this takes away from Prince’s accomplishments? If so, he doesn’t need your support.

    • The real issue is that fentanyl is not a safe drug for the treatment of chronic pain. Pharmaceutical companies just favor it because it is cheap to produce.

    • kimberly c I agree. Bottom line is Prince tght he was taking 5mg lortab which to me means he was trying ween himself down. Someone deliberately gave him pills marked as Lotrtab but was fentanyl. It was enough fentanyl to kill elephants.

    • You have to know the full story it is part of the live of an artist. Lot of artist live in their last days of pain or mental pain.

  8. It’s sad that all these Doctors see are $$$$ signs.. Straight up license to kill.. They need to be held accountable for this bullshit.. Yes he took the drugs but if he had someone who actually gave a crap about him and not just his $$ he may still be alive today..

    • GemUCrazyDiamond sad, doctors perscribes these drugs . They will give u the drugs u need it’s all money

  9. the vault alone will keep prince on the charts for generations, he won’t be forgotten, and he’s not suffering anymore, sure sounds by his wieght alone he was in trouble, he is in gods hands now, he really can rest in peace ,

    • Finally a classy comment, indeed he is pain free now& with the angels. RIP Prince

  10. So let me get this straight. From what this guy is saying is that prince died sometime early on in the morning. So from the scene I recreated in my mind. Prince was up early on at 2a.m. Around 3a.m. would probably be the time he collapsed and got unconscious and then died minutes or seconds later. He probably took the elevator to go somewhere to another room. In which that case he didn’t get off the elevator. So he died around 3 in the morning right? 6 hours later he was already dead like his spirit is gone. All that’s left is his body and his blue lips since he stopped breathing. Then around 9:43 a person came and found him. By the time it was too late. The paramedics shouldn’t have pronounced him dead at 10:03 in the morning. They should have pronounced him dead at the SCENE. Meaning he died at the scene during the overdose which was at 3 in the fricking morning. Lies lies lies. He was already dead at the scene and your telling us he was dead at 10 in the morning. He was dead long before that time. From the clues this guy said. I managed to pull out the clues and take them into a story on the night prince was awake and the morning he had died. Does anyone agree with me? Please? It finally clicks? Try recreating this scene from your mind. Trust me it will get to you.

    • I found a young woman dead at 6.10am, phoned the emergency services and said she is dead. They told me to check for a pulse, couldn’t find one. The operator asked me to perform CPR which I did for 20 minutes until the paramedics arrived whom immediately took over. They made me leave the room whilst they worked on her heart. They came out around 7.30am and told me there was nothing they could do. I was then told that they estimated her time of death around 2am but the time of death they stated was 7.30am

    • when he was found and the paramedics finally arrived, by law, at least here in california, the paramedics have to try to revive a patient. They have to try at least for 15 minutes so they can pronounce him dead. its protocol. Some people have been like totally dead and they have been revived. No one knows if he was there for 15 minutes or 15 hours. so the time of death is when the patient is no longer responding. Everybody has to protect themselves legaly. of course if u find a body all bloated and rigamortis, its obvious hes dead. But if the paramedics found it necessary to try to revive him, then they could tell he had not been down too long…but we never know cuz we were not there

    • Prince killed himself…….found in the elevator on the 21st April……too many coincidences dont you think??

    • Folasade Kuewumi …right,he had food sitting on the table that he never got to eat.Look like something was written on one of those containers to me

  11. If indeed our Prince died from basically a pain killer overdose, then I can see that definitely being a possibility because if he was in as much pain as reported, he wanted that pain to stop!! I can definitely testify to being in pain like that by having a major toothache that in my delirium, I took too much painkiller medication to stop the pain & almost slept my way out of here. If it wasn’t for my nephew running & screaming like crazy and them me actually vomiting the medication up by the Grace of God, that could’ve been me so I can see that happening to Prince to rid himself of the extreme pain but unfortunately, it was too much for him so now we all have to live with this horrible loss!! Prayers being sent for Prince’s Everlasting Peaceful Journey with the Father! ! Painfree!!!!!!

    • Glory Mosby That response was to you 😉 please watch Prince’s interview with Mel B & listen to LAST DECEMBER!

    • Kayren Williams you can be in intense pain and not show it. People in chronic pain try to look normal so people don’t know how much pain they are in.

    • Some people become quickly tolerant to opiates given after a surgical procedure. Most people do not but some do and therefore, stay addicted after that .. Seems to be the case with Prince. He became addicted and the pain came from withdrawal. He had become a junkie and that Fentanyl was not given to him, for sure, as no MD would prescribe that, for someone not under direct medical supervision. He evidently got it , on his own and it killed him.

  12. Lord, so sad! Prince, you did not have to leave us so soon. I pray you are in Heaven with no pain and jamming everyone up there. YOU WILL BE MISSED!

  13. It’s always a doctor around ,an insurance issues,an some manager or other than family who benefits,this is b.s

  14. Ol’ boy! TMZ, is also owned and operated by the same record company that owned Prince’s contract. Sadd..
    ;-( strange happenings 😉

  15. Prince was murdered. Did you hear what the coroner said? “Prince didn’t KNOW he was ingesting fentanyl, that it was a counterfeit pill(s). Why don’t you mention that??

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