Charlamagne tha God Wanted XXXTentacion to Speak Life, Not Death | TMZ

Charlamagne tha God wants new-school rappers to learn one thing from XXXTentacion's murder — gain better perspective about life, and talk a lot less about dying.


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  1. I agree with Charlamagne people are stuck in their devices and internet media and not true reality. Very very,sad world we live in today. 😢💔 R.I.P X

    • CHEF Disaster plates prevention obviously not to say everything else was factual cause he’s a very passionate and caring guy… Outside the fart eating he be doing lowkey

    • CHEF Disaster plates prevention the way you worded that was lovely. Pure poetry.

    • Mr. Nevz Yet he hates black women and he likes to tear people down that he thinks he can top but sooo called respectful to the big names out there because he is weak. He is no God.

    • nah some ppl don’t know the difference cuz they were literally raised in the age of FB,social media and they don’t know life before computers ran it…your phone is destructive it’s your world these days

    • The was two minutes waisted
      Charlemagne. Never has nothing positive to say, he’s talking about something from two years ago
      Xxxtentacion was able to turning his life around and do great things on his short life
      Ignorance judge him without knowing his life and never hear his music

    • Axl Through Damn don’t have to be so rude I understand your view point but.. like damn

    • Patty Cakes I’m not rude if I was he deserved, Xxxtentacion ais not on earth anymore, there’s no reason to disrespect his name and show his condolences and instead to let him Rest In Peace , is judging him spreading lies

    • Axl Through Ik ik I wasn’t implying that you were rude I was saying that it was mean but in a more playful way not literally more sarcastic way ya know

    • True I mean look at 6ix9ine, I listen to his music and videos because they’re hype but at the end I know that 6ix9ine has to careful saying your gonna get touch makes you get touched. Look at 2pac I think he said that he knew he was gonna get touched after the 5 shots he had. I feel like old school rappers need to help out new school rappers like 6ix9ine to make wise decisions. 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Outlaws, maybe even Ice cube and so on. Most of these old school rappers actually lived in the ghetto so they were actually thugs that’s why they embraced the Thug Life and made gang signs and they knew they were the true gangstas on streets and just life in general. Eminem was and still is one of them. True smart intelligent thugs who spoke the truth and were very very smart people. Unlike new rappers today who act like they are from the hood but they really aren’t.

    • letsstopit plz yeah u will just get known by more insane/ powerful people

      Think of it as all those deep web people would know u

  2. Lil thotties waiting for him in the background to take a pic for the gram😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    • Mikki M – They didn’t know how long he would be interviewing, he obviously was busy.

    • Divine’s Thoughts But how does that make them thots? I don’t understand. Yall always just talking for the sake of talking and come out with some dumb bullshit

  3. He was battling mental illness he was talking about death, but also life cmon charlamange

    • The boy had dark energy what do u really expect u put that in the world u will get it back

    • Sam Ham what you don’t get is when you speak on helping people but all your music is dark it contradicts what he was trying to do it was all a show if you couldn’t see that I’m sorry

  4. Death wasn’t the only think he spoke about when he was really struggling that was the only thing on his mind but he was clearly getting better

  5. “Some dont realize the power of lyrics cuz when you rap about death you talkin to spirits” – Dj Quik

    • Chicken Little In the wise words of yeezus, he doesn’t have the answers.

    • Chicken Little hes doing the same bullshit everybody else doing instead of just saying rest in peace hes tryna blame his music or make a lesson about it

    • Not really because the kid was really having issues with being depressed and suicidal so of course hes going to speak like that. I didn’t see this guy really doing his research before talking about him anyway

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