Chester Bennington 911 Call, Housekeeper Wailed in Agony After Finding Him Hanging | TMZ

Chester Bennington's housekeeper cried and screamed in the background as a driver for the Linkin Park frontman made the 911 call to report his suicide.


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Chester Bennington 911 Call, Housekeeper Wailed in Agony After Finding Him Hanging | TMZ


  1. People who die by suicide don’t want to end their lives they just want to end their pain. TO ANYONE WHO HAS HAD SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, I’M GLAD YOU ARE STILL HERE. KEEP HOLDING ON

    • Yes, that’s true, I agree with you. But sometimes life is cruel and very hard. I promised myself not to commit suicide. And this video is really heartbreaking, hearing the housekeeper crying is really painfull. “R.I.P. Chester. There are no words, you did’nt desirve this…..”

    • +Jiuuu Ya know what stopped me. I had this thought, what if I do it, and the pain is worse what if I don’t die and because I am totally unable to deal with living, I get put in a place after death where there really is no hope and the pain is worse. Nothing religious here, just couldn’t bare the thought of maybe it could be worse. Don’t do it, you are truly here for a reason. If you aren’t in jail, you are doing something right. So many people out there that can use an ear or a shoulder to lean on. You may not have answers but you can listen or just be there for someone else.

  2. Damn the crying 🙁 ….if this is scary imagine seeing him how he was …omg

  3. No person’s death outside my family and friends has devastated me the way Chester’s has. Every day feels like a nightmare knowing my favorite singer is gone. I go to sleep praying I wake up and all of this goes away and I read about Chester and the band planning their 8th album. Why….

  4. When my time comes
    Forget the wrong that i’ve done
    Help me leave behind some
    Reasons to be missed…..

    You left us so many reasons to miss you Chester. RIP

    • Don’t resent me.
      When you’re feeling empty.
      Keep me in your memory.
      Leave out all the rest.
      Leave out all the rest.

  5. I never knew why people would cry for over a death of a celebrity. I always thought they were being so dramatic. But now I know why they do and its not dramatic at all.

  6. I got chills just listening to this. I can’t even imagine what that housekeeper felt when she found Chester. This is so horrible.. I also suffer from depression, been dealing with it for 3 years, I’ve had suidicial thoughts & it’s a horrible battle.. it’s true we don’t wanna end our lives we just want the pain to stop, for the demons to faid away & to finally be free. For anyone else going through this, keep fighting I know it’s hard but we have to end depression not let depression end us..

    • John, did you get any help? Losing a person isn’t worth taking your own life.

    • John, I truly understand hurting someone and regretting it because you can’t take it back. I did the same thing to my ex. Work on bettering yourself and staying out of relationships until you get things under control. That’s all you can do, but killing yourself won’t change the situation. Best of luck.

    • John, if you were physically and emotionally abusing someone who you love, you really need to get professional help and stay single. No one will or should put up with being abused. If she’s blocked you, the only thing you can do is to move on and work on yourself. Frankly, I wouldn’t put myself back in a bad relationship.

    • John, stop worrying about her. She’s cut you off and made it clear that she’s done with you. Stop begging and use that energy on yourself. No one should ever abused and the fact that you did that is just vile. Besides, you shouldn’t be in an unhealthy relationship with her again.

    • Astin Lindsey it has nothing to do with if they already knew or not it has to do with it being im their face

    • 2cents oh I didn’t know all the videos are for adults what u fav the five finger family song or itsy bitsy spider

    • Kallie Otto there’s thousands of these on YT so u complaining won’t do anything

    • You’re right, but it’s a fucked up world now that people dont care about these details in life anymore. So many people dont have respect anymore…. r.i.p chester.. I miss you every day and still listen to you every single day

    • Its not capalizizing its what their job is to do even if they offend us fans! But in all honesty this is something worth kept keeping, So sad especially coming from me who relied on Chester for TWO years before the day he committed suicide, his voice was stuck in me as if he were my family. So this video really is IMPORTANT to me and really does mean something

    • Yeah you want people to shut up. No. He did not kill himself jesus investigate beyond the internet.

  7. It’s pretty disgusting that TMZ got their dirty hands on this recording and are using it as clickbait for their own benefit.

    • +Vance L. Gilmore Are you fucking brain dead? Chester was a loving father who dealt with sexual abuse, physical abuse and drug addiction. Hating the people who need help doesn’t help anything.

  8. I just wanted to say that I have grown up with Chester in my life and now I know that he will always be with me he will always be in our hearts beside he has been there for me through all the bad times and now I hear his voice in my head forever shall the name Chester Bennington live on not just as an awesome singer but as someone who has toughed and helped people in no way anyone else could!! FOREVER IN HEAVY FOREVER IN ONE MORE LIGHT FOREVER LIVE ON CHESTER WE LOVE YOU!!❤️

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