Gloria Allred Answers Questions About Third R. Kelly Sextape

Allred says they've turned over the sex tape to law enforcement officials from U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York. She wouldn't comment one way or another on whether she'd personally seen this new tape herself. However, Allred says she believes more tapes of R. Kelly are in circulation.


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  1. These Pimp parents lose credibility when they hire these white t.v. lawyers🤣🤣🤣🤣 They should be n prison

  2. Those tape were circulated around back in the day and men were passing those tapes around getting their jollies off! That man was probably watching that tape with his boys bck in the 80s % 90s. He knew about those tape long ago…nothing new here! Yes, R
    Kelley is probably guilty, but y’all knew this long ago!

  3. He kept those tape for Years of R- kelly for money ,know the money train stop he turn over the Tape to the police, this man should be charged too.

    • They need to change him too because he was keeping child porn for R.Kelly …both of them sick.. he kept the tapes he need to go down too… Just sick …

  4. Uuuuh… Not fully developed?… Thats odd to say.

    EXAMPLE- Arianna Grande looks like shes 11 years old.. Cant take Glorias WORD but ill take FACTS.

  5. Sports tape? R kelly name? ..hhmm..ha.2016 2017 there was a duffle bag full of vhs tapes. What happened?

  6. im not defending r kelly, but just because a girl is Not fully developed doesnt mean they are underaged, I have some girl colleagues that are around 25 years old and they look like they are around 12 years old, i think u are offending alot of girls here, just saying

  7. Lol do you know how many Woman have tiny breast or are flat chest there are 26 year olds that look 16 lots of girls look YEARS younger than they are or never develope the way you may think they should you can just assume something like that

    • There’s a difference of flat and undeveloped not much of a difference but they you can really tell by the nipples they are flat and light pink while an flat chested like 25 year old has more of a point to it and it’s a darker light pink

  8. Kelly’s being investigated in Detroit too. Michigan has no statute of limitations on raping kids..


    • She is the biggest opportunist her and her Botox daughter. She is absolutely sickening to me

  9. Now they just trying to keep the story afloat and keep people hating him lol
    This guy just randomly wants to go watch VHS tapes and randomly has one of r Kelly 🤔🤔🤔 maybe the real person they should be questioning is him.

    • +Hakim Jackson
      Last Time I checked that wasn’t the nickname me and your mom agreed on

    • Chitown Mytown official one and only channel Why don’t she charge some of the white predators like By an Singer who was dropped from the Bohemian Rhapsody film project. They hav e young men who were victimized and those who were paid for sex. Him and his buddy have a young boys club where they pass the boys around.

    • The tape from the late 90’s/early 2000s with Sparkle’s niece was on vhs, even the bootleg was vhs. That’s the Vhs that landed him in court

    • No because R.Kelly always tapped himself having sex with all his victims 🎥📼📼📼📺

  10. How do you authenticate a random Old VHS tape? How do you verify the ppl on the tape and their ages unless they come forward? How could they come forward unless the public see the tape? So, a circus distraction of Gloria Allred.

    • That Girl! For your information they still sell VHS MOVIES and BLANKS. They also sell VHS/DVD machines as a COMBO. A lots of these VHS RECORDINGS are CLEARER than most DVD recordings. Go to most second hand stores, and you will find a lots of the OLDER-MOVIES that are not on TV.are DVDs. Sometimes when you buy VHS-Tapes at the second hand stores you get the wrong tapes inside the boxes. I have had that experience. Especially when you don’t look if the TAPE correspond with the TITLE of the box. You would be surprise of what is on some of those tapes sometimes. Even with the CORRECT-TITLE.

  11. Kind of odd everyone trying to hang this man when he was trying to get his Masters to his music

    • +Jack Shite nah its just the white devil tryna bring down the strong black man this is all white peoples fault God damn white crackaz

    • Hakim Jackson you can’t be serious and think this has underlying racial prejudices to the case?
      R Kelly has gotten away with so much in his life starting with that video with a very underage girl. How was he not arrested then? Or at any other time over the past 25 years? The police/fbi found child pornography in his house but it’s inadmissible because they didn’t have the warrant yet. The only people that are allowed to be horrible people but get treated like a victim and at the end of the day don’t really have to face the consequences of their actions all have this in common: MONEY. Race has nothing to do with this.
      If you want to bring race into it think of his victims. Those two girls that are “dating” him now are so brainwashed and they are black. I want those girls to get mental support and the other girls to get their justice.
      R Kelly is a predator. He had a gift and because of his actions and choices that no one forced him to do he squandered it all. Now he’s pretty much broke, ruined so many women’s lives, and has sullied his name in the history books.
      I don’t care what race, gender, age, sexual orientation someone is… if they are predators they don’t deserve anything else good in life. He’s about to get the karma he deserves.

    • +Jack Shite If you think any of these witnesses or “victims” care about seeking justice you got it all fucked up. This is soley about money and people are blackmailing the man for it. If you don’t see or understand this you are part of the problem. There is a reason everyone in the public doesnt have a law degree. Tough decisions should be left to the courts, not some random losers who are easily manipulated. I can personally guarantee you none of these lawyers or victims care about justice. It’s all about the Benjamins baby

    • A la Verga that’s because there was no evidence against trump. There’s lot of evidence against r kelly

    • Her lack of awareness how fake the people and stories are being presented BLOWS MY FUCKING MIND. This is like a toddler of your own, not realizing he/she can’t outsmart you yet, while chocolate is on their faces.

  12. Dude bought that at the street man years ago the lawyer doing a press conference yet never seen it

  13. Why is the black dude at the press conference? ..He’s not a victim of any crime that would require a lawyer by his side. Lol.. This has become a circus. Or more accurately, a public lynching.

    • +Hakim Jackson – I never said he was innocent. All of us (Humans) certainly have flaws – R. Kelly included. But these women (And the black man above) are liars, and they should go to prison.

      This dude doesn’t know how a 20 year old VHS tape got into his storage boxes? .lol.. Give me a break. And yes, white people in America do indeed know full well that everyone is lying on R. Kelly for their 15 minutes of Fame! ..Deep down in your heart, you probably don’t believe any of this either.

    • Another black person sticking up for this pervert. So it’s okay for him to bang your little girl because he’s a black man? I agree this man should be locked up also. Nobody just finds a random sex tape after all these years.

    • first video was leaked in 2002, he got off on that. Now 17 years later people are magically finding tapes at the same time, and it happens to be while R Kelly is getting blasted with accusations lol. R Kelly dug his own grave doing the crimes and filming them if it’s true, but this is definitely a conspiracy against him and not something random

    • there were reports of other tapes years ago they simply were not released to the public… also many of Kelly’s sex partners expressed his interest (bordering on obsession) with recording and directing sex acts… so it wouldn’t be shocking if there were other tapes circulating. Clearly, something is off with this story of a sex tape appearing in this guys collection.

    • To me this gentleman looks guilty. Because if he just came across a VHS tape why did he seek an attorney before turning this tape in to authorities. He already knew he had these tapes. And when he made his statement to the public about these tapes. This man read a script on live TV about how he found this tape. There was nothing natural about his statement he looks very guilty and his wife was upset. This man knew about the tape. And his wife knew about the tape. He just didn’t want to be charged with pornography.

  14. Unbelievable! So happens a tape of underage porn tapes just popped up in a junk box in his home. Smdh

    • +Rivoli-Sp_Twn your not black, common sense prevails again, no black person has to announce they are black before commenting, we simply just comment, trolls and undercover racist start off saying im black to sway or get other blacks to listen to you, we dont have to say we are black we just comment 😂🤦🏿🤷🏿😂

    • +Tela Viva : Hahahah, you got that right. How to catch a catch cat fishing troll; they immediately identify as a particular race before getting into the meat of their intended topic.

    • His case being delayed by his lawyers in Federal court.. Not sure what their reason is. .Most likely he is claiming to have new information/ witnesses etc and needs time to interview

    • This is the what about argument. Diversion argument. Weinstein probably had the sense not to tape himself. If there were such tapes that came to light I’m pretty sure it would be reported by the news in a hot minute. Remember R Kelly has been getting away with his behaviour for a decade there’s no conspiracy. Just times up for him.

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