Chris Brown Arrested in Paris for Rape and Drug Charges | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Chris Brown and two members of his team have been arrested by French police after a woman claims she was raped by the singer in a hotel. Alexis Skyy will NOT meet Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's baby girl — EVER — 'cause there's a rule in place to prevent that.


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    • +You Tube but here’s the thing. The only color that matters is green. Ppl who do this want $$$ NOT the downfall of a race/ppl. CB is a target bcuz they know his past is a lil dirty & THAT can be exploited to their gain. White, black or other if they can get a quick dollar they will

    • +Peyton Bell The Indian Expansion Act happened because *gold* was discovered on Indian Territory. *Whites always control the industries, it’s all about race and power.*
      All Black entertainers who own their property are killed, jailed or tarnished. No one’s going after George Lucas … But when MJ owned half of Sony, Prince owned his material, Tupac & Suge created their own distribution called Untouchable DeathRow … He’s killed.

    • +DoingIt2Death I think she hit him first honestly.her reputation is carefully guarded but its known she’s a hitter.

    • TYYRREEKK, bro, EVERYONE doesn’t subscribe to “forgiving” someone. There’s no obligation to forgive a heinous act just because others do or your religion tells you to. There are PLENTY of people I’ll never forgive.

    • E Gordon it was in self defense. Also the fact that she was a woman shouldn’t negate how less or more serious the situation was STOP Gender Baiting

    • +E Gordon He’s an artist whether or not you choose to acknowledge it is your problem. Once again just because you don’t like any of his artistic material doesn’t mean that he doesn’t make good music. One persons trash is another persons treasure.

    • Ain’t Chris brown that super talented young man who as been making hit after hits for about 15 years..I think he paints too .dude also just became one of the youngest artist to ever acquire is masters to is music

  1. He was with his girlfriend in Paris. They wanna bring this man down so bad. FREE BREEZY🐐

  2. It’s just an allegation, not a fact. It’s not guilty until proven innocent. Just chill

    • it should be that way unfortunately as soon as your questioned you then have to prove your innocence,even afterwards it sticks as though you just got away with it using💰,💝✌

  3. But Chris went to Paris with his girl though… I’m not going to stop listening to Chris ✌️ everytime chris brown is doing good some girl always want to try and get a coin🤦🏽‍♀️

    • I’ve learned that 85% of ya’ll women are just stupid !!! And weak !!! Here you is just acknowledging that he took his girl with him, so whether he raped her or not ,,, he had no business being in a hotel room with another women. When are ya’ll gonna start having respect for yourselves !!! The way your screaming your gonna ride for Chris no matter what, makes real good men like myself think that that’s some groupie way of thinking. And noo I’m not hating on Chris. I just think that women can make this world a much better place ,,, if ya’ll would put ya’ll foot down and stop accepting this unruly behavior that ya’ll let us men ,,, get away with !!! Please … Demand More !!! Demand better from us men !!!

    • +Opinions, Facts And Logic foh.theres record of him marrying aliyah at 15 years old without parent permission and when they found out they anulled marriage …..chris on the other hand don’t have a past on this here

  4. These groupies are annoying! You meet a man then follow him to his hotel room. Did you think you’ll just play monopoly? I don’t believe this story btw. I think that groupie is trying to tarnish breezy’s name!

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