Christina Milian Reveals She’s Done With Ceraadi | Christina Milian Turned Up | E!

The salacious singer doesn't let anything stop her when recording her a hot record! Get the scoop on her plans for her song "Popular."


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Christina Milian Reveals She's Done With Ceraadi | Christina Milian Turned Up | E!


  1. “If you cant help yourself how in the hell you gonna’ help someone else? Can I get an amen up in here!?” ✋😂

  2. the group is way better they do performances and have they own YouTube channel so they good

  3. Milian how you can bash some kids on your channel you couldn’t be an adult and say “it didn’t work out” or “wish things went as planned” like wtf girls like you bring down others in the industry your suppose to be a model for the youth with your television experience like wtf

  4. Christian sry but you CAN’T I stress this CANNOT sing anymore haven’t for years now

  5. I love how she tried to make it seem like she’s still the biggest and best singer in the industry. Like girl, your only hit was the Kim Possible theme song 😂😂😂😂😭🤧

  6. Never heard of the song. Must’ve flopped. Glad Ceraadi wasn’t a part of it. Might’ve ruined their careers before it even started. I religiously follow the girls and trust me when I say they’re well off. #YouTriedItChristina ✌🏽

  7. lol… and the song flopped 😂 glad they weren’t apart of it ! they better off now

  8. I find this hilarious because Ceraadi is getting popular while Christiana is non existent

    • qyiesha smalls yo shes so non existent that she had to go on a tv show lmfaooo

  9. This whole show is trash bruh💀the only thing I knew about Christina Milan was that she sung the Kim Possible song, and I’m only just now finding out about that.

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