Connie’s Doctor Put Her Stomach Fat Where?! | Botched | E!

Ask for a tummy tuck and get fat transplant! Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif hear a patient's horror story on "Botched."

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About Botched:
“Botched” changes lives and restores hope through remarkable and transformational surgeries. Renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif’s surgical skills and expertise will be put to the test as they set out to correct damage done from plastic surgeries gone awry as they attempt to fix the unfixable and correct extreme, head-turning plastic surgery nightmares.

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Connie's Doctor Put Her Stomach Fat Where?! | Botched | E!


  1. Research if you’re going to get plastic surgery .. I mean I wouldn’t believe anything that man who told her to use a book or a yoga mat to push down the swelling of butt implant lmao she’s gullible asf

    • You shouldn’t shame her, it’s kinda obvious she hadn’t done this before and yeah she might not be the smartest but shaming her isn’t ok.

  2. i feel so bad for her but this makes me crack up because of what they made her do? did he skip medical school or something?😂

    • a1ntcry1noveru nope…he went to med school but to be a gyn…apparently any medical doctor can practice plastic surgery. The messed up part is …
      I was soooooo close to letting him operate on me. But, his office is like a closet…his operating room looks unsanitary, his “consultant” hounded me via text message for like 5 months. It was just something in my gut telling me to let this one go. As anxious as I am to have my surgery. I dont want to die for a flat stomach and big butt. Research ppl!!!!! Not to mention. When he found out wat I did for a living, he started telling me about some hustle he and his brother were going to try to get into building building for ppl with substance use disorders. It was wierd and complete bullshit.

    • Sarah Jones “oh, you went to Upstairs Hollywood Medical College too?”

      – Dr. Nick

    • Shalisha Johnson thanks for sharing your stories. I never considered doing anything anyways, but if I check the reviews for a restaurant, I might put more enfasis and time to any “plastic surgeon”.

      I’m glad you are ok and hope can get something soon.
      Or at least half and half.
      Like, if ur butt can not get bigger at gyms, go do it, but work on your abs yourself.
      Having the butt done will motivate u to win the abs naturally.

      Or vice versa. Get ur flat stomach, but exercise for u but.

      Sometimes what we need is a little motivation, a little push.

      But yes, I’ve known women that can’t be help by going to the gym. Everyone is different.

    • Meredith Anderson to get it fixed. Kind of like when us girls go back to the hairdresser cuz they messed up. Actually, I’ve never gone back but u get my point.

    • Theres no point. She wore ears to a professional consultation. She’s ssssslllllloooooowwwww

    • ras144 actually no nost doctors wont touch you after another messes you up for a long time so you have to go back to the dance doctor to fix his mistake it’s a messed up medical practice but very common.

    • I’m sorry she had to go through that…Her experience was dreadful… Maybe she should have researched the procedure, also visit more than one Dr. In that field and consider her options.

  3. This grown woman is sitting there with Mickey Mouse ears on her head…I can’t take her or her surgeon seriously.

  4. If you actually watch the episode, you can see that she’s actually a really cool person with a great personality. She’s wearing ears, so?

    • Ugochi Enyoazu a lot of people in the comments are saying it’s obvious shes dumb because she wore ears to a consultation

    • XLostFootageX Who cares about her personality? Thats not what people are cracking jokes on. Being a cool person negates everything else?

  5. I am so addicted to watching these videos on youtube. Why is this show not on Netflix!!

  6. If a doctor tries to make you change your surgery plans because it’s too expensive for them maybe take that as a warning sign to stay away.

  7. If you can’t afford a good plastic surgeon with great ratings, don’t get plastic surgery

    • Wow nevermind I just rewatched the clip and she deadass thought that was a normal thing

    • Lol i think she probably meant like “oh, so that isn’t just a cheap analog of what you actually do” like it was imitating something 😂

    • Alyssa Ralston
      If you’re getting surgery for anything, a doctor trying to be cheap with material like a yoga mat…is something I would expect even the most basic of idiots to think twice about.

    • +iBeFloe well she’s wearing ears for some reason and went BACK to the same person so are we surprised lol

  8. Girl from he told you to wrap yourself in that yoga mat you should have known something ain’t right.

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