Could Demi Lovato Face Criminal Charges for Illegal Drug Use? | Behind the Bar

The TMZ lawyers break down a mailbag question regarding Demi Lovato and the charges, if any, that she could face in light of her recent drug overdose.


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    • Mike Carter u can’t be arrested for doing dope unless they catch you with drug paraphernalia or narcotics they can’t arrest u. it’s not illegal to be high, unless it’s a intoxication in public or disturbing the peace, but its only illegal if u get caught with drugs.u could literally snort a line of heroine in front of a cop and as long as that’s ur last bit and u dont have any paraphnalia like straws, bag goes with residue, or something like that he can’t arrest u. so I don’t know why these dudes are even asking this question.

    • Mike Carter not a fact all the time I guess homie. Different cases different results I guess but don’t speak like you’re so sure of yourself

    • I personally think that if they can prove you were the one who took the drug’s and it wasnt laced, ect that you should go to jail or at least probation for 1-3 year’s. Depending on the situation.. i don’t get why it’s excused just cause you went to the hospital for the overdose. Especially if proven you were the one who took them intentionally.

    • There’s gotta be some left in the house…she even overdosed, that means they had plenty to mess with………….ain’t it ? Check for hidden lockers in her mansion ! Lol

  1. I don’t feel bad for that druggie. She’s a bad example to kids. Pewdiepie was right!!

    • You’re right. If I’m not impressed with the studio vocals then why would I pay to hear the live ones?

    • Dr. Smiley Face no one faces charges for doing drugs is it legal to possess in to leave it to distribute nowhere in any law is it illegal to consume and less your behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle therefore your thought process is invalid before you have an opinion on something you should probably learn something

  2. She should definitely face charges There should be no pass givin to her. And she should have to give up the guy who gave her the drugs. She should stand up and be the role model we want her to be. If she don’t she should be stripped of her fame and pay heavy fines. I’m sick of feeling bed for celebrities with drug issues. We are all adults and make our own decisions

    • But it’s not on the list of schedule drugs. The bottom line is if you take too much of a drug and you call 9/11, they will take you to the hospital, not jail. If you are too drunk, they might take you to jail/hospital/detox whichever one they want.

    • It’s illegal to possess and distribute drugs nowhere in any law does it say it’s illegal to consume with the exception of being behind the wheel a car

  3. She can, in California it’s on the books but highly doubt it.. If she was in Alabama, Tennesse, Miss. Etc. yeh, they’d book you in the hospital bed.

  4. She ain’t gonna do no time, she’s rich, famous, and a woman. Those three things will collectively get you out of almost anything.

  5. She’s Not Black sooooo… I predict rehab and probation.😉…Zero Jail time

  6. It’s illegal to possess and distribute nowhere in any law does it say it’s illegal to consume with the exception of consuming and then driving

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