NFL Player Uses Crazy Training Contraption To Work On His Game | TMZ TV

Christian McCaffrey is going to great lengths to up his game.


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  1. For simpletons like the goofs in TMZ, it’s for reaction time, how fast are you gonna make that cut, which hole are you going through.

    • Exactly!!,.. Its basically eye and body training, if u can react quickly from being disoriented in the process of this imagine how insync u will be from a stand still to burst routes!,..that’s a smart young man👍,..but like u said simpletons wouldn’t understand smh I agree👍

    • And if he gets knocked in the air going for a ball, he can track it better to make a play.

  2. When he’s on the field and the tackling and all the crazy s*** happening keeps him from getting dizzy quicker than anyone else would he can deal with the upside-down craziness longer than the average person that’s how you be breaking for them damn long runs I see his point

  3. Thus is what were gonna see when we enter area 51. But instead of this dude its going to be an alien.

  4. Hand eye coordination sum-1 help the poor dude. Well nono cant blame him we’ve all seen him play ball so its all ok

  5. It helps to build up your fast decision and precision training. It helps you make quick and fast reponse to decisions with pin point acurracy..

  6. If you aint never had to tote that rock 🏈 we cant expect you to understand

  7. It’s now 5 games into the 2019 season. Ahem… lemme clear my throat!! He’s #1 in the league in SEVERAL categories and in the MVP discussion. Nuff sed.

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