D.L. Hughley Rips Abortion Bans in States Where it ‘Was OK to Rape Slaves’ | TMZ

D.L. Hughley is noticing a clear correlation between the states passing new laws to virtually ban abortions … and the states with brutal histories of raping slaves.


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    • Texas Jack:
      You’re the one who is not too bright, bub.
      Offended by this glaring horrific undeniable truth?
      Grow up and get over yourself, pal.

    • +Douglas Jones wow, great comeback. “No _you’re_ not too bright.”


    • Texas Jack:
      Here we go.
      And the inaccuracies in DL’s statement are…???
      We are waiting.
      Dim boy, have at it!!

    • +Texas Jack dis he just call you “bub”? 😂…..haven’t heard that since Bugs Bunny lol

  1. Sad truth. This is why voting matters. When people are tired of being mistreated, they will vote better.

  2. 2019…. Slaves is mentioned 😂🤣 Hollywood seriousy has some of the dumbest people the world has to offer

    • +timmy 4x are you insinuating I meant black people????figures that’s where your mind goes…as the other replies said I’m talking about Democrats and the left, but you might as well be right, anyway….

  3. DL, ur speaking facts. For people who dont understand what DL is talking about… just pick up a book and read!!

    • +Troll Under Da Bridge *You’re One Dumb Mf That Doesn’t Know Basic History…Sources? Yeah Not Hard Google It…There’s Even Museums Of It…*

    • +Jekyll Hyde How am I dumb when you cant give one source for blacks owning blacks like whites did in the south

    • +Jekyll Hyde I would respond like you did before I really did research

    • Ok, but what the heck does it have to do with now? Nothing that is what.

  4. We have had Approximately
    1 billion abortions (1000 million) over the past 100 years. Population control

    • Good thing you’re here to explain what billion means. None of us have heard that word before.

    • +Quail Man never know with some dumbasses, especially in the TMZ comments

      like, fr fr on god dawg smh

    • Donnchadh Macaodha until some big black guy get your sister or mom pregnant then you will think differently

    • Of course he is for it, it scares the crap out of them that they may have to take responsibility for the women they impregnate rather than just paying for their abortion.

  5. Wow it’s almost 2020 and people still talk about slavery and how oppressed they are lol. The white working class male is the most oppressed person in this world today.

  6. ban abortions… keep executions🤔 what’s their argument again 😞?

  7. 💯ppl outta line with things they say and do! History shows like my Brother said💯 this could be a young woman starting her life but gets raped becomes pregnant and basically loses most if not ALL opportunities she had for herself.

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