D.L. Hughley Says Listening to R. Kelly’s Music Now is a ‘Tough Call’ | TMZ

D.L. Hughley is clearly struggling with the idea of muting R. Kelly … because he likes Kelly's music, but can't look past the actions of someone he calls a "talented pedophile."


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  1. Separating the art from the artist is tough. R. Kelly has great music but ignoring his troubled past would be difficult. Hypothetically speaking, that would be like Hitler being a painter who was behind genocide of millions of people but yet trying to still respect him for his craftsmanship in art work and brush strokes. That would be insanely weird and odd.

    • That’s not the same thing. Don’t put Hitler in rkelly in the same category. Hitler killed millions and millions and millions of people rkelly is just one man that was molested by someone in his family which was a woman. It’s a nasty cycle. He gets molested and then he does the molesting. Now the women that got molested will molest somebody else later on is an endless cycle

    • Makes perfect since but that would still be a tough call if the paintings were undeniable masterpieces. There are famous poets and painters who were horrible people who did unthinkable acts but their talents were still celebrated. A crime is a crime but that has nothing to do with his craft. He won’t have much of a good social life after this but his music ain’t goin nowhere.😁

    • I see a lot of people defending his music but I bet that if any white artist was to say or be accused of saying or using racist slurs a lot of people would stop listening to their music.

    • +Ana Samayoa elvis married to under age wife and got her pregnant. They having a ceremony what Elvis and guess what John Legend is going to the party. John Legend is a hypocrite. She talks about rkelly in his documentary then goes to an Elvis presentation John Legend also has many pictures him and his wife weave with Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein has made many movies I bet you saw some of them that you didn’t even know he made

  2. I think D.L. Hurley is a great comedian, but I respect his wisdom and intellect so much more on important topics.

  3. Shyt!.. that documentary got me going back and listening to all the good jams lol. He is one sick MF though smh.. but damn! he sure can make a good album

    • There’s a philosophy called utilitarianism which believes that what matters is bringing the most good to the most people and good outweighing the bad. They would say that celebrities who have hurt people have helped more people on a larger scale and thus. Many>few. We should continue to listen to the music is what they would say

    • Since all his music was he about singing about all these underage girls, so while you listening to it, just imagine he doing that your daughter and younger sister. Then enjoy yourself.

  4. My minds telling me NO, but my body. I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump a grind. GUILTY

    • Cecil Mattison yup they fit in with cnn and all them they might actually tell more news than cnn lol

  5. A lot of these “appalled ” people still watch Woody Allen movies. Hollywood and the music industry are filled with very creepy people and a lot of people that enable them for personal gain.

    • +D W and his other daughter. I know you are a fan but don’t defend him he’s a monster. It’s OK to enjoy his art but watch Manhattan and try to tell me the idea offal 40 year old divorced man dating a 17 year old girl in highschool isn’t wrong…

    • Bastardson OfJefferson I am indeed a fan of his art… I like his movies, however I wasn’t clear on what he had done with his other daughter, nor that he had 1. I was simply asking a question.

  6. You don’t fall in love with Allen iverson the person U fell in love with the player! U don’t fall in love with Kobe Bryant the person u fell in love with the play u don’t fall in love with r Kelly the person u fell in love with the artist u have to differentiate

  7. Y’all gonna say y’all can’t mess with Kelly music no more until ignition remix comes on!!!!

    • CodenameRawTV ok got it but we will condone everything else that is abusive to women as long as they are of age.

    • +SDBROOKS08 Yeah, people will and that’s sad especially from people within the same community as the victims. But if we talk about overlooking people of age we also have to talk about why that’s so. You already know, in our community we don’t highlight mental illness or people having real issues they need outside help with so in the black community you hear someone of age is in a situation like this then it’s just wrote off as they knew better or they were a groupie and they get overlooked unlike the pedophilia stuff. That’s why I say we have to do better, but damn, I can’t think right for ALL of these mf’s in the comments lol.

  8. I remember I believe I can fly was a graduation anthem. R kelly is sick but I bet half you so called outraged people have a uncle ,a father, a grandpa, a brother, a mother , a sister , a grandma just like him maybe it’s even you. This country full of sick people just like R kelly. Your hugh Hefner , elvis Presley, ray Charles, James brown, steve Tyler, kurt Cobain, Michael jackson,Jerry Lewis, and could go on and on you would have to lock up half this country

    • Randy bling you not going to get a lot of likes because people hate the truth but I gave you one real talk half the people talking about his music wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his music

    • natureboyinyourface Sales from his music and shows generate the money he needs to pay hush money to victims and to pay his accomplices and scouts. That’s what’s wrong, King

  9. It wasn’t a problem 3 years ago y now? Ohhh cause Whitey said Bad Kellz Bad kellz …now u like bad kellz bad kellz 😂😂

    • I pray you never have to experience anyone you know and love going through a similar situation. I think you’d be pretty disgusted and angry.

  10. Step in Name of Love is song that will never leave the black community. It’s played at all family gatherings and reunions

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