Da Brat Defends R. Kelly, Questions Parents’ Role in Scandal | TMZ

Da Brat has quite the hot take on R. Kelly — she's questioning the role of his alleged victims' parents, and asking one simple question … do ya keep track of your kids?


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  1. She told the freaking truth and that’s why I don’t feel sorry for either sides. :/

  2. Every child doesn’t have good parents. It doesn’t give any man or woman the right to abuse them. We should take these kids under our wing and peotect them. Not take advantage of them.
    Smh…stop defending this guy.

    • kimmy D young and naiive doesn’t support rape, force, or abuse…if you were young and naiive you got yourself in your own sisuation not to mention his intentions was probably not hurt them but because of what it look like…it’s looks bad on his part as the adult in the sisuation. But sincerely believe we ALL have made decisions that are poor on our part doesn’t mean we’re a bad person. It just means similar to him were human and make mistakes

    • J. Roberts I have no idea what you are talking about but in regards to sex rings and sex cults I don’t believe that there are too many differences between the two and when either involves a minor they are especially wrong in case you don’t know.

    • J. Roberts He was not convicted because he paid off the 14 year olds parents I will give you that. Does not make HIS behavior ok. He has no right to sexually abuse a child because that child has bad parents. Stop acting like what he did is ok because of whatever the parents may or may not have done. Also, if you have children, especially teenagers then you would know that you can’t possibly know what they are doing and who they are talking to every minute of the day. STOP BLAMING THE VICTIMS!!!

    • Kristina Clark I’m done with these people. I will not reply to anymore comments. These people have to be getting paid by R.Kelly cause I refuse to accept this ignorance.

    • She was not defending him. She was also saying these parents r just at fault are any of you all gone blame the parents

  3. The important question in all of this is: How many men would – if they were in the position R Kelly was in at the peak of his career – have done the same things that R Kelly did with underage girls. All those men of R Kellys former entourage are acting all morally righteous now when they were either accepting bystanders or even participants of what was going on. They were more likely than not not asking every girl they engaged with sexually for their id either.

  4. In NYC every local TV station has that “It’s 10 o’clock at night, do you know where your child is?” Lol So I mean she has a massive point. stop being one sided. Why do ppl lock they doors at night before going to bed? Mmmhmm

  5. “WHERE ARE THE PARENTS” ?! Exactly. There are wider issues in our culture surrounding the R Kelly situation but the pitchforks are out and the line drawn thick in the dirt. Each side not trying to hear the other. I made a 4 part video on the wider issues. Meanwhile China military forces are building up on their border due to nuclear tensions in the region!! Anyway I am just the messenger, a fly on the wall so never mind me.

  6. I just think it’s funny how other artist have to turn their backs on him…like are that insecure about your on fandom that you have to agree with here say to make sure you don’t lose your platform…that’s selfish, inconsiderate, and pitiful honestly…like every artist knows what feels like to have false allegations against you or their humanity taken because of how the media portrays them…also every artist know what it feels like to be misunderstood so every artist that not standing with R.Kelly at this point are basically hypercritics.

  7. Brat he married a 15 year old child,the teacher and his family talked about his behavior ad a child. and you saw nothing strange about him.

    • +VegetaLover 100 u do realize she only 9yrs and 5mons. Go ask most people grand parents how old they’re to each other and ask how long they been together n most will tell you that they met when they was this age. 16 vs 15 no different. There is actually no difference between a 15yr old and 19yr. I bet if you put 100 14yr old and 19yr old in a room together u couldn’t guess there age because the development is the same n the mind depending on the person. There are dumb and immature 19yr old and there are smart are mature 14yr old. I had 21-25 yr old people that was still in high school with us because they stayed back.

    • U can’t pick out a 15 year old n 19 yr old. I bet you wont get there age right if you had to guess. U can’t look at the body n there are 15 yr old females more mature than 19yr old females depending on how they was raised. R Kelly is only 9 yrs older than Aaliyah go look it up. R Kelly is 52 right now n Aaliyah would be 42 right now. He is 9yrs and 5mons older than her. That’s very common especially with our grandparents.

    • VegetaLover 100 If You were about to be a superstar then Yes you and your family would’ve fell victim as well facts.. It’s a huge population with ppl being married 10-15 yrs apart like Jay z and Beyoncé perfect example she’s only 35-36 Jay z like 47-48 12-13 yr gap but I guess he waited til she got to a good age smh Amerikkka everyone has different values and beliefs.. Blame them parents tho they knew Better they sold their children for the almighty dollar 💵 period ✌🏾

  8. F#$k this lesbian! It’s people like her that make it easier for others to look the other way when celebrities are molesting or sexually abusing children! And exactly what is she trying to say about AALIYAH and the 14 yr old on the tape. Girl bye! Has been🎬

  9. She’s right, and the accountability as an ADULT/WOMAN. Celine Dion married her molester and I don’t hear any1 calling her or her husband out. Just like Brat said she heard the rumors and so did all of the ARTISTS that collaborated with him AKA “LADY GAGA”

  10. This is why we as parents have to talk to our girls about things of this nature. Let them know their worth and we love them teach them about manipulative behaviors etc. No some of these girls wasn’t taught!! Its a sad situation.. Thank god I had the parents I had!! My oldest two are grown adults. My baby is a teenager I couldn’t imagine this is heartbreaking I don’t sugar coat nothing with her..

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