Danielle Bregoli Gets Fired! | TMZ TV

Danielle Bregoli has nothin' but her love of McDonald's and Twitter to thank for getting fired from a show she was set to play in the Middle East … but it's pretty hard to see this as her fault.


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  1. I’m STILL trying to figure out WHO is paying to see this garbage??? Smdh..an embarrassment

    • @K T Offended?😂😂😂😂😂 Why do you all think her being rich offends me? 🤦😂😂

    • She’s famous because you still give her attention if you stop bringing her up maybe we won’t have to deal with her

  2. Lmao the only problem is ” this man tweeted in arabic ”
    Google translate : ” im usseles to u eh?”

    • Mirza singgih hes saying that bhad bhabie supports israel , in the middle east no one fucks with israel , so because of that Jordan cancelled the show , they didnt cancel at first because the people were too busy talking about the new Netflix series (JINN) that happened in JORDAN

    • @Keytron Onit you are and idiot and too ignorant to realize this is a joke, it Jordan wasnt a serious place they would not call her out on her behavior. Relax yourself. Yall just want to be aggressive

    • @Sof Nic this is not a political comment why are you trying to make it that. We are talking about the cash me outside girl. Being illiterate would mean I dont know how to read, so who is the illiterate person, are you just using words to make yourself feel important. This is an exaggerated joke to Express the fact that Jordan is a much more serious country than America is and that is the reason why they called her put the way they did. When someone is coming at you cussing and being aggressive what some terms used such as ” DAMN HE/SHE TRIED TO BITE MY HEAD OFF” does that mean that the person literally bite there head off? No it means that person ain’t playing with me

  3. That’s not Racist I can’t believe how do people are.

  4. I would rather watch paint dry than risk my ears bleeding listening to her

  5. She shouldn’t have been put on in the first place.?! She’s got kids being rude to their parents hoping for fame, but getting concussion instead!

    • She doesn’t have kids doing nothing. They’re doing that because their parents allow that. I won’t b sitting on Dr Phil. I would be in jail especially if she acted like Danielle.

    • @LisaThe Gamer 16 is not a young adult. 16 is a teenager. Now 20 21 is a young adult

    • dennismaryanski you people? Who’s you people? Unless you have a mental illness or maybe your deafness or lack of taste, perhaps ur on crack., either way.. U have addressed me as if you was shat out of someone’s bum instead of being born from a womb.. it’s obvious that you are some sort of trash.. a wasteman. It makes sense that you like her music now..

  6. that’s not racist but what ever its funny she’s taking the piss out her self lol

    • Sabrina I’m not a big fan of her or her music but funny how y’all thinking you know what’s best for her 😂 she’s like 17 and made Millions what are you doin? 😂

    • Why did I get a nonfiction for this comment when I didn’t reply in the first place?

    • jeff francis Well, we you’re bragging up other people’s money. So, what are you doin?

  7. I think it’s rude to write to someone in a language they don’t know and than to expect them to respond relevant to what you said

  8. I’m a man and I would rather see a Backstreet Boys concert with my daughter then take her to see this trash!😂

  9. I’m black and even I can’t see the racist in that. That’s reaching. Now if she said something disparaging about his culture or if she said, “Somebody tell Aladdin to leave me alone” or “why is Osama bin Laden tweeting me?” that’s racist.

    • @Only1truth If you want to get technical then yes, you are correct. At least that’s what I learned watching Bill Nye the Science Guy. But historically we are called black… Among other things.

    • @TaylorMade 3 that title was placed on you because “white” people are pretty clever in wicked ways and “black” has nothing but negative definition and negative vibrations stop calling yourself black its not a race, ethnicity etc… Look up who you really are

    • @Only1truth Who the hell do you think you are telling me what to call myself or to look up who I am? I hope you identify yourself as African American, Negro, or colored to even begin to have the nerve to say something like that to me.

  10. Why people are okay with sexualiizing this child or this child sexualiizing herself…ill never understand

    • thank you and since when are palestinians a race. i’m gonna start saying i’m racist against mosquitoes since ppl love to throw the word around so much.

    • It seems white people don’t know the meaning of the word, but they’re good at BEING the word

    • @Hot Boi Ok? That wasn’t mentioned in her tweet, nor did TMZ say such a thing.

  11. TMZ: “You don’t know Asian or Chinese”

    Me: sheesh what did you just say

  12. Racist must be the word of the decade, everybody just throw it around willy-nilly

  13. “She doesn’t know Asian”. 😂🤦🏻‍♂️Had to be a blonde.

    • As an Asian I sometimes don’t understand or speak Asian. Because my Asian language is different from othe Asian languages. We all my look alike, but we speak different Asian.

    • Ker Yang Exactly what I meant with my comment. There is no such thing as “Asian” language. The Asian continent has dozens of languages.

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