Slavery Reparations Hearing Prompts Massive Crowd on Capitol Hill | TMZ

Capitol Hill is buzzing — almost literally — for the first Congressional hearing on slavery reparations in a decade … because a huge crowd is waiting to see Danny Glover and Sen. Cory Booker testify.


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    • @1Archie4bunker88 Working for free under barbaric condition and been fighting in every war since this nation was born and still not getting respect from new comers because y’all don’t know history, but enjoying the free ride with rights we bleed and died for. Are you serious?

    • @YourTube Television Well I’d rather have nothing than to be nothing. Take care

  1. Really come on now I don’t want to be it ain’t never gonna happened Henry but if we can’t get any just regular human respect why would you think there going to give us reparations wake up and smell your country we need our own political party stop looking for what you never gone getter love ourselves and our culture and build our own brand.

    • mr truth that’s the problem one wood board can be broken but a million boards strong can’t be broken but it can be weakened by removing boards this is what they do to keep us divided keeps us weak

    • @Boodakhan johnson Who is they and why should a someone trust you just because of your skin color or race?

    • mr truth they are those who look to keep your or anyone’s voice mute your mind chained or your actions limited because of your race sex or ideas on life from reaching the point of movement. And as far as trust that is a big issue in life because so many people are phony and use others for there own agenda. So that’s a good question all I can say is faith that when someone says something there going to follow threw with what they said and most of the time PEOPLE’s actions speak louder than words. But really black people or any race can’t make a impact on anything without unity. No man is a Island.

    • John Burns if they got a hearing at the Capitol trust me they’re taking it seriously. And this is only the beginning.

    • @Western Man just think about it, a footballer and an immigrant,who exactly are they speaking for. Who are they working for. Receipts

    • Lmao. Crushed who? Take tap dancing negro said what massa told him to say. Those the type of negros that have been selling us out for centuries to receive their meritorious manumission.

    • 88 45…Nope, I disagree. Julianne Malveaux dropped information and facts that crushed Burgess Owens. She shined a light on the socio-economic aspects during and after slavery as a reason why descendants of slaves should get reparations.

    • @Western Man We have no friends, just interest! We’ve always had enemies on every side like the Bible says because they hate The Most High God of Israel and HIS children and this is why we are the 12 Tribes of Isreal the Bible speaks of. 12 Tribes of Israel would be poor with no army unlike the gentiles that dwell in the land today.

    • 88 45 Burgess sounded like an idiot. Every black person who is successful has pulled themselves up on their own. But that doesn’t change the fact that black people are owed reparations for slavery.

    • Claret Mug, stop that bs when y’all know the only lazy ones we’re you’ll just sit back and reaped off the backs of black people just admit it. Everything, that was built in America were built off the back of free labor from the railroad tracks all the way to the White House just ask, Michelle Obama.

    • @RealTalk With LadyDee Yeah, I wonder if people still think we were wrong? You people make up less than 13% of the population, That being said, You are the highest in Incarceration,murder, rape, drugs,STD’s, Illegitimacy and Government aid.

    • @Claret Mug Since we’re only 13% of the population, then stop crying about cutting the check

    • @JWalker Sad thing about you people is if everyone of you were given a $Million dollars tomorrow, 95% of you would be broke within a year. Sad

    • @Claret Mug It’s sad that 95% of my ppl have been denied access to our own resources by racists who’ve historically felt threatened by our economic independence. If y’all truly believed we would give the money right back to you then a check would’ve been written a long time ago.

  2. This is a complete JOKE!
    This is nothing but an attempt by the demonrats/democrats to garner votes through the manipulation of black emotion and pain – But this will NEVER work!
    President Trump will easily win re-election!

    • Tacos and Beer but you’re supposed to be the civiled race right? So white people shouldn’t kill each other at all. Lol But don’t forget all the murders the Mafia does. And that’s since the 1940s. And that’s nothing but white people killing white people. So don’t ever think white on white violence isn’t a big thing.

    • Tacos and Beer and don’t forget black violence only started with the introduction of crack into the black community. Whereas white people have been killing each other for decades.

    • @Tacos and Beer Minority communities in all those places are in despair, and both political parties benefit from it. They can pander all they want, but nobody’s getting my vote without a real agenda with tangibles.

  3. I winder what they would do if a black man chose to go against reperations.

  4. What people are not talking about is the fact the slavery and Jim crow were sanctioned law in this country meaning Legal. Whenever there is Legal discrimination against any group of people there is always recompense and attonment.

    • JWalker hu so what was the civil war faught for then sense you seen to know so much about it

    • @raymond sutton To merge the economies of the north and south. Not saying the average person wasn’t against slavery, but the government’s main purpose of the war was over economics not morality. Lincoln used emancipation as a strategy to unify the nation, but he knew that racism would make it impossible for black people to be treated equally.

    • You guys should be begging for reparations from the African slaveowners who sold your ancestors to the Europeans

    • @raymond sutton Bravo I could have said it any better. I don’t want my tax dollars paid anybody reparations unless they were alive the time of slavery stop looking for a handout. Or you can sue the people that captured your ancestors 400 years ago

  5. Slave Owners got theirs………….On April 16, 1862, President Lincoln signed the District of Columbia Compensated Emancipation Act. This law prohibited slavery in the District, forcing its 900-odd slaveholders to free their slaves, with the government paying owners an average of about $300 for each.

  6. All the negative comments are from people who benefited from slavery. Just hate filled hearts.

  7. President Andrew Johnson stole our 40 acres and a mule. Instead the slave owners got $300 per free slave. Therefore my Great Great Grandfather didn’t get what was due to him so his family will gladly collect.

  8. Devil’s deny Reparations! Period! Politicians are out of touch with reality, even when they have majority black constituents, they deny the will and interest of the people. Term limits must be set, and recalls are in order. Stand for something or fall for the circus you see the country turning into. California misappropriation of funds and backdoor corruption on steroids which needs to be stop along with the rest of the country.

  9. 40 achers and a truck with some stock. I need equipment to grow my food please. Thank you.

    • Why should you get anything? This nothing to do with you? Why should i pay this has nothing to do with me. Starting to look like everything the hate groups say about you people is starting to come true.

    • @Bill Bear My great great were slaves. My last name is HESTER..Look at the slave boat. Its named after me idiot. You don’t know nothing about our black people. All you know is the lies the European people told you. Why get offensive because the government owes debts. Jeeesz😒🙄🤔 Its owed to us. You can look it up yourself. It is written in the books of the 4 father books after our people fought the war and our people were still slaves on independence day. The 4th of July is a joke to Blacks and a slap in the face. So shut up.

    • Give us 40 acres equivalent to the number of documented African Americans : That being 40 million African decendents of slavery .

      Times 40 acres by 40 million ADOS . Combine all 40 acres together to establish one large land mass .

      Pump trillions of unpaid reparations into this new land mass creating untaxed businesses and corporations .

      We’ll have our own police departments – our own fire departments .

      We should have paid off homes in nice communities . This will avenge “Black Wall Street” . Done !

  10. Lazy People to day need to stop takeing credit for the past Americans are blessed

  11. Give us 40 acres equivalent to the number of documented African Americans : That being 40 million African decendents of slavery .

    Times 40 acres by 40 million ADOS . Combine all 40 acres together to establish one large land mass .

    Pump trillions of unpaid reparations into this new land mass creating untaxed businesses and corporations .

    We’ll have our own police departments – our own fire departments .

    We should have paid off homes in nice communities . This will avenge “Black Wall Street” . Done !

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