David Spade Compares Tiffany Haddish’s Stand-Up Set to Louis C.K.’s | TMZ

David Spade has some words of encouragement for Tiffany Haddish AND Louis C.K. and David makes it clear … they're not in the same boat.


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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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  1. I like Tiffany Haddish but at the same time I don’t like that she plays the stereotypical loud, angry, ghetto black woman in movies

    • Jesus Perez I agree with you and I’m not saying that she’s super talented but at the same time not a lot of people can do what she does. I also agree that people push her because she’s either a woman or a black woman which isn’t a good thing at all. Nowadays it seems as though people only want to see diversity just for the color of their skin or for their gender. Amy Schumer isn’t all that funny to me personally. I went to see “I feel pretty” and I fell asleep during the movie and I was literally the only person in the theater when I saw that. I agree with you that SJWs do push celebrities for their own personal agendas without regarding their personal abilities or skill but at the same time Tiffany does have a little skill and has some room to improve. She’s not the best but she can still be something if that makes sense.

    • She ready is so annoying at this point I use to like her a lot before. Still do, it just has gotten a bit overkill

  2. I love her but she’s not all that funny to me, she’s a really good actress though

  3. He wasn’t really comparing her to Louis C.K. TMZ has really started reaching lately…

  4. I personally think tiffanys comedy comes from an “obnoxious style of comedy” and I never find that funny, there is no effort in “obnoxious” just stating the obvious and that’s why “simpletons” find her very funny cause they don’t have to figure out the joke it’s just blatantly funny, I guess masses can relate…🤷🏿‍♂️

    • Conquerir Le Monde Funny or not, the goal is pay check and you know who she is. Who are you and how you living?

    • Conquerir Le Monde Yes, the Thieves that stole the country, murdered, terrorized, rapped, and stole the Indians and Africans. Thank God I’m not White and have none of their demonic Satan DNA in me, the Devils and Evilist of all on earth. God did not create them, Nickadeamous did SATAN.

    • Mmm I’m doing alright, all depends on the aspirations of ones self. I believe my self to be a simple man. Not perfect that’s for sure, but very comfortable with who I am and how I’m living, I believe myself to be a very councious being. I like that I don’t have to complain, also try to do my part in bettering my self. try to complete my part in this wonderful/not so wonderful 🌎. If my aspirations were fame and riches, it would only be a matter of time. I have had one to its extent and have not have had anything at all in various occasions through out my life. Fame, I like my privacy. 🤷🏿‍♂️
      That’s my point exactly , paycheck? Hints my original post 👀

      I’m not trying to make this on a racist level ….but you talk the good book, sounds like you live by it. Don’t you u think it’s a little contradictory, that hate towards the white man in particular, and claim him/her as or in relation
      to the 👿 ??
      I’ve had my encounters with the good book, but I believe it to just be a reference and or guide to life. But that’s just personal.

    • Conquerir Le Monde someone that is quick to think highly of their intelligence normally isn’t. And this is exactly what I get from your statement. Your keen to point out how people are not clever but you are, which itself is having a simpleton’s mindset.

  5. Always liked David Spade from SNL and his stand up. Nothing bad to say about the guy. 👌

  6. He literally said all the right things then bailed before he could mess up–David Spade should coach people how to interview lol

    • Lmao right He wanted to say she ain’t really that good like people make her seem but I’m SNL so bye bye 😂😂


  8. Everybody thinks Katt William’s is crazy! He said that she is not funny. He said that on movies the scripts are written for her. Katt said she can not keep an audience laughing in a standup comedy show.

    • So you like to take advice from a drug addict who first role in a movie was written for him? Have you ever watched her stand up? It’s not hard to find. How about you form your own opinion.

    • Overreacting… its one show, her career wasnt built off one show. Kat has bombed over and over and over…. Dave Chapelle Bombed recently, are you calling him not funny it happens to all of them

  9. He didn’t compare their standup sets. He commented on both their situations. Why are you people at TMZ such slime balls.

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