Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Alive And Well! | TMZ TV

RBG is still kickin, despite bogus rumors that she isn't.


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  1. I agree with alive…but not well. She gonna be dead any day now. How can anyone trust her to put together cogent thoughts at this point?

  2. She looks better here in this photo then she did at Obama’s last State Of The Union(3 yrs ago) where she slept through it. Something’s really fishy here! Her head has been always forward and down, not like in these photos.

  3. Oh because tmz said it we should believe it? 😂 Didn’t y’all break the Jussy Smollett fake hate crime to?

    • RefusesCookies lol….. my life is not online and if u left your house full of cats or basement full of twinkies you could have went to the airport and saw for yourself… TMZ is their for losers like you…. they go out so u can stay home n troll

    • Where does yours rank? To you anybody that does not blindly agree is a troll or a hater or a racist.. Don’t you have a parade float to dance on or a flag to ban or a gay black actor to help in a hoax? +XaphillyatedX

    • +XaphillyatedX I didn’t go to the airport but I went to school and learned grammar and how to spell. I don’t eat twinkies and I don’t have a house full of cats, sorry.

    • Yes you can. That is how my mother got to chemotherapy. She had to walk from the car to the physican office and then from the car into the house. She had to get home from the hospital after surgery. Are you sure this is what you meant to say?🤔

    • +Yolanda Just Me
      Did she have LUNG cancer?!
      I believe you can walk with regular body cancer but lung surgery makes it hard to breathe/walk. I’m guessing. I’m no doctor.

    • She doesn’t want to because she doesn’t want to give Trump another open seat.

      Trump would probably choose Amy Barrett to fill in the seat.

  4. TMZ post right outside the SC, with a telephoto lens camera or a drone with a camera. Or pretend Roger Stone is on location at the SC.

  5. This video was shot 1 year ago, there is pics of her a year ago in the same airport wearing the same thing. I’m not saying she’s dead, there is no reason for her not to be sitting on the bench then we will see..

  6. TMZ it seems as though your trying a bit to hard to prove that she’s alive. Let your bosses know that We The People Know The Truth. We The People See Your Lies… It’s not like your real news anyway. 🙂

  7. So “alive and well” that she *cannot* walk without somebody holding her up. She can’t hold her head up for more than an hour at a time anyways when she is “healthy”. And all her law-clerks doing all her work and writing her decisions. She is an embarrassment to SCOTUS. She should have retire under Obama, but she wanted to give her feminist friend Hillary the “nomination”. She is so brainwashed that she believed the BS of CNN that Trump had no chance. Now she is a walking zombie, and an embarrassment to the integrity of SCOTUS and the Law.

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