Did Taylor Swift Cheat on Calvin Harris with Tom Hiddleston? | TMZ

A month before splitting with Calvin, Taylor Swift had eyes for Tom Hiddleston … or so it seems.
Check out this pic, taken May 1st, at the end of a pre-Met Gala dinner at Anna Wintour's house. Tay seems to be peering in the direction of an unsuspecting Tom, who's jawboning with Idris Elba. Click 'SHOW MORE' for related content…

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Did Taylor Swift Cheat on Calvin Harris with Tom Hiddleston? | TMZ



  1. People might not believe this but Taylor Swift is wicked. An illuminati puppet.

  2. She is totally entitled to do whatever the hell She wants with her life, boyfriends, relationships whatever. But everytime someone talks about how many guys She has dated she gets mad, THEN WHY DOES SHE KEEP DOING IT? She should have at least hide from the papz or wait SOME TIME, honestly two weeks? I’m sorry but it’s just too hard not to call her a slut and now a cheater. Sorry

    • +Samah Sparkfly is it 100% confirm she cheated or are we just doing some basic math and assuming she cheated? if she did or not is not my problem. and I’m not talking about that, I’m saying people is calling her out just because she dates alot and that is usually a gender thing, because she is a girl she can do it. And respectfully let me tell you that is tragic that you base your romantic or moral believes from what this celebrity does or says. everybody seems to love Angelina Jolie or Tom Brady and they have done awful things regarding fidelity. I see you point though but don’t get sad about it, they’re just people.

    • +CAEY Ramirez
      i see what you mean very well , but taylor her fandom is based on how wonderful she is , her sweet innocent soul , she’s so right in love , so maral and stuff , now we see that she’s not that person , personally i need no more hints , this is enough for me , other celeb i never was dedicated to them , or loving them , never , besides one direction now she’s the only one i know all the lyrics to her songs , i was breathing her music ! she’s being nasty and rude ! like i said i wish i had an ex to defend me on social media with a sweet tweet of love and respect , but i know i wouldn’t cause something like this to the point that he felt the need to delete it and delete all traces of her , i can’t relate any more , you are free if you need more hints , but usually they don’t give more , anyway ,have a good day , thanks for talking to me , best wishes , peace 🙂 <3

    • She is a slut and I’m not her fan anymore. I’ve had enough of her lies!

    • +CAEY Ramirez the difference when those men do it is that they are not pretending to be good innocent little boys..

    • U are swifties ?? Are u sure?? If u were swifties aren’t you must be support Taylor? She break up with Calvin it must be some reason !

    • +Ngọc nguyễn nope he did , she was rather busy flirting with tom and calling him to dance , and standing looking at him so she can say : bye ! and him : see ya ! before getting into her car , and now flying from mansin to mansion , to make sure the pic won’l flow this time 😉

    • +Diamond Jewel
      well that’s not what people back stage , and the crew and himself tom is saying , neither she’s defending herself , she’s actually just destroying that long played sophisticated image , and going careless of the world , for her lust 🙂

    • +Diamond Jewel they weren’t best friends they met the night before the gala.

  3. not gonna lie, shes been with way too many dudes in her short life span. lol.

    • +coolgirlin #q8tya “wrong” and “right” are debatable terms, she’s not doing anything “illegal”, but her actions are public, she is a public figure, she has a reputation, and she’s subject to scrutiny and criticism because of such, also you say she is “just looking for the right one” with such confidence did taylor tell you that is her sole purpose in hopping from man to man because she’s looking for the perfect one to settle with? or is she trying all 31 flavors at baskin robbins just for the sake of being eclectic?

    • +souad soso You taste until you find the one that you like and you’ll have (at ice cream parlor) she’s showing no signs of being content or liking any guy she tries, some aren’t done with her but she’s done with them, she’s hurting people in the process

  4. Its really obvious that she cheated. I don’t know about Calvin Harris that much but I feel bad for him. And I feel bad for Tom Hiddleson too because either she’s going to want to “break up” for new music or she’s going to cheat on him for new music. Either way, she’s only in these relationships for the music and that disgusts me as a woman and as a human being.

    • You do know that HE TOO chose to date her ? Like the grown man capable of making his own decisions he isn’t according to his fanbase !
      (And also it is rumoured that HE was the one courting her and sending her flowers, but sure slutshaming Taylor is so much better.)

    • I don’t feel bad for him at all, he made this choice. But I am disappointed with him.

  5. she deserves a slap if she writes something bad on calvin or defend herself , ugh , so low !

  6. Taylor has such sweetheart image but I bet in person she’s not sweet at all. She gives off the classic high school mean girl vibe through the interactions in her personal life.

    • So true! I totally agree with you and your predictions. When I heard the rumors about Tom with Jessica Chastain or Elizabeth Olsen, I thought, “Cool.” I really liked both actresses. And the other actress he was linked with in the past. Whether or not it was true, it was still a nice pairing. Jessica Chastain is one of my favorite actresses. But Taylor and Tom, you are on target: a dirty union.

    • +Pamela Cooper Sadly, Chastain is taken and she said she doesn’t want to date other actors, because of th whole media coverage.
      ”Something” between Hiddles and Elizabeth Olsen was obviously a stunt to promote ”I Saw The Light” (the movie was lame, only Hiddles was great there, it also was thought to be getting an Oscar nomination, but got fully ignored instead).
      I think his chemistry with Chastain was the most real-looking one. They were instant buddies and looked good together. Chastain is as adorkable as him.
      Other relationships are rumours, mostly spread by his not-so-professional (Swift? Seriously?) PR team.
      So, turns out, we have no idea whom he is (at least, casually) dating since Susannah Fielding times.

    • +Greta M. – OMG – you’re totally on point about the Stockholm syndrome – LOL!!! After seeing these new pics of the The two this morning, you are exactly right:


      His underarm perspiration while they hold hands with her friends to make a friendship chain pact or something – looks like intervention may be needed.

      That quote regarding his theater career is pretty sad. He’s losing alot of respect from his fans.

    • +VloggityVlog Me too. I really enjoyed his work. I thought he was a good actor, very disciplined and even out of character, his interviews were lighthearted, gracious and fun. He smiled quite a bit in pics, even paparazzi pics. But he looks uncomfortable now and the video where a reporter asks him on the street if they were officially dating, he says very lowly, “Yeah, man,” and continues to walk off. I don’t think he was ready for or expected this type of press and attention. But this is what he chose. I have no respect for him anymore. He lost me as a fan.

  7. You also don’t know exactly when they broke up. They probably broke up weeks ago but didn’t go public until know.

    • And we hated her for it. Not sure if Katy is actually good or not cuz I don’t follow her, but I like her more now.

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