Kylie And Travis Get Into A Big Fight After Cheating Allegations | TMZ TV

This isn't looking good.


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    • @Tammy loveIsHot:
      And that was two hours ago; this video is now up to a few thousand views!
      Bad news travels fast, so they say…

  1. It’s O.K TMZ we know the shows coming out you don’t have to keep reporting them.

  2. Imagine the Kardashian’s are doing all of this to boost ratings… GAME CHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. *Travis had a breakout year last year, now if he stop dating her watch how much negativity comes to his name. These women(Kardashians & Jenners) can control the narrative behind what gets ran in the press.*

    • +Pats Ballin Out This Year of course, look at this new khloe situation. That jordyn chick allegedly messed with Tristan and the media hates her for it….but khloe was messing with tristan when his other bm was pregnant. She was also friends with Trina and fucked french and james harden who Trina was with. The media only slanders those who hurt the Kardashians never the kardashians themselves

    • Pats Ballin Out This Year I never said otherwise. Has nothing to do with The Kardashians.

    • +Pats Ballin Out This Year he went mainstream in 2015 with antidote, and he doesnt need kylie sheep fans that only know sicko mode to succed. he has a core fanbase that loves him, even if the whole kardashian family starts trashing him he’ll still sell a lot. hes talented, his music is catchy and mainstream sounding but its not bad music. he doesnt compromise his talent for hits and thats why hes not falling off any time soon.

    • +GXD Name a year that Travis had bigger than 2018? You not understanding what “BREAKOUT YEAR” means. Although I didn’t like Astroworld it took him to another level.

  4. Rappers, athletes, stars are around millions of woman. It’s bound to happen sooner or later !

    • +Manuel Santos yet you are also commenting here. Why dont you get a job and life n stop worrying about other people.

    • +美しい死yas LMFAOOOOO every guy wants her?😂😂😂😂you’re just as delusional as Kylie sweety. Ain’t nobody looking to wife up Kylie ok? And Travis not even attracted to Kylie…KYLIE SAID THIS HERSELF SEVERAL TIMES lol Travis is looking for a way to GET OUT just like Tristan😂

  5. Kardashians have cried WOLF and bent over into to many dark pits. Over it THANK U NEXT!

  6. These Kardashians/Jenner’s think their 🐱 is made of gold just because they’re rich & famous. News flash.. y’all are just like everyone else no matter the tax bracket

    • All these Kardashian’s need to do is get a broke man. He will appreciate everything she has..everything.. But no, they want a guy with money that will treat them as just another chic..oh well

    • These must be white ppl in the comment section. Ya going against common sense stuff. Especially what the BLK say

  7. Why do I not believe this she hasn’t stated anything confirmed so at this point I don’t care 🤷🏽‍♀️ can’t people just focus on their own lives and move on…

  8. Everybody are with those girls just for a hype … after they get it they run away 🏃

  9. Now another rapper or basketball player possibly has an opportunity to date this billionaire plastic bottle.

  10. Am I the only one wondering how much money the TMZ voice over dude makes as salary?!?

    • MYbe he doesn’t think money is everything, money cannot, and will never buy real love. Yeavis never looks interested dead look behind the eyes no smiles. Maybe hes sick of alife in front of the camera and no privacy.

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